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sense skin for wmp

By sashkin-icn
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© 2008 - 2021 sashkin-icn
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Double-click the mini visualization (bars/oscilloscope) to open visualization window. You can even quick switch between visualization scheme with arrow buttons. Really neat!
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How do I uninstall it? Please answer
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how do I open the visualization window?
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i have been looking for something like this for a long time. i have basically got through all the skins for wmp that are available here on deviantart but yours is without a doubt the best.
thanks srsly
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Great!!! You could improve adding a cover field. Would be perfect.
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Hello sashkin-icn,
I love this effects of this skin, in particular the transparency effect on the skin. I am in dire need of the transparency code (I create WMP skins as well) and would greatly appreciate it if you could pm me the code. Please do not think me rude, credit where credit's due. Thanks very much, TTT :-)
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Could you share the wallpaper? Please?
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thanks a's awesome :X
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Thanks man, awesome skin!!!
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Tis but madness, that this is the best skin for WMP in all the land. However, I would like to thank you for creating it. I continue to use this skin to this very day—I’m am using it as I post this—even though I have gone through two computers and three different operating systems in the three years since I discovered this little jewel. It even works with the new WMP 12 and Windows 7 OS. I have searched all over the internet to find another skin even remotely as eloquently simple and stunningly effective as this one…but alas, to no avail. It is a beautiful creation and it is only a shame that it cannot be updated. Though it is understandable as why one would not be able to undertake such a task, I am sure this was complicated enough to create in the first time round. I have made sure to save the .rar file to my external hard drive so that I shall always have this skin. My computer is a small artificial universe inside my natural multiverse, it is a domain I like to keep highly personal and in an order of my design—as so few things are. Thank you kindly for contributing to my universe. I am grateful.
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This skin is the best ;)
But in the sun no active titles are invisible.
Is there versions in different colours/contrast coming soon?
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This is nice! Now i must use WMP - great work!
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Awesome skin! I'v been using it for about a year now ^^
And I have 1 question: I'v turned the transparent to minimum (=0) and now it's gone ^^, what can I do now? ...Reinstalling it fixes it, but I want to know if there's a easier option =p
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favorite skin on windows media player love it one minor question/suggestion is it possible to change the scrollbar so it has the same black transparent look to it? ill try to learn of a way in the meantime
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I love this skin so much! But I cant see letter of list.

If you can fix, we hope to blight letter of list.

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very very nice, thank´s
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cool...!!! [link]
thanx 4 sharing.. ^^
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