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Fuck you by sashimirider
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Fuck you :iconsashimirider:sashimirider 0 0
Abby's Song
Your lips tickle my cheek,
Intantly I remember when,
We used to connect like puzzle pieces,
Am I dreaming,
Is this really happening,
Is my world slipping into forgien hands?
I see you through the corner of my eye,
My drunken mind screaming jealously,
I tell myself that I'm pathetic,
That it's over and I need to act delicatly.
But your soul lingers,
In my mind and in my heart,
I want to mourn you,
But at the same time forget you.
You are free game,
He can do what he pleases,
And I cannot intervine,
Just keep my busy on other things.
You know I still love you,
Yet you insist on solidarity,
Why can't my heart focus,
Why do I have to car,
Why can't I just heal,
And leave my soul bare.
I want to turn off my emotions,
Just be happy about being free,
But you just get inside my head,
And crawl inside of me.
Not a day goes by,
That I don't think about you,
You've infected my being,
And only time will erase you.
Why am I even writing this,
Is it the alchoholic feelings,
The broken heart,
Or the
:iconsashimirider:sashimirider 1 9
The butterflies were there all day long,
I just can't stop thinking about it,
Rehersing over and over again in my mind like a catchy song,
I pull you into the dirty laundry coverd room,
I sit you down on the sinking bed,
And tell you something that I have never said,
I can tell by the look you're giving me,
I know exactly how you feel,
You repeat my words,
And let all your emotions run free.
Through the door everyone's listening,
We can both hear their whispering,
As they notice our giggling.
I pour my soul into you,
Before now I didn't have a clue,
You are my world,
From this moment on I will always love you.
:iconsashimirider:sashimirider 2 13
Bigger-Me and Horseshoe crab by sashimirider Bigger-Me and Horseshoe crab :iconsashimirider:sashimirider 0 8 Bigger Jellyfish Pic by sashimirider Bigger Jellyfish Pic :iconsashimirider:sashimirider 4 4
One point six one eight,
Fibbonacci's immaculate sequence,
Not only has to do with how bees mate,
But how everything in nature makes sense.
Everything from the Great Pyramids to daVinci,
The way a life giving river branches,
The number of pedals on a wild rose or a lily,
Even the way deadly lighting dances.
Deoxyribonucleic Acid a.k.a DNA,
The reason behind all spiderweb's designs,
The hexagonal geometry of a falling snowflake,
The way an airplane declines.
A snakes locamotion,
The way a leaf gyrates from a tree,
The chambers of the nautilus in the ocean,
The way we evaluate beauty as a society.
Everything about every living organism,
Revolves around this infathomable number,
Perhaps there is some sort of symbolism,
But for now I must slumber.
:iconsashimirider:sashimirider 4 9



Rock Show

Wed Oct 27, 2004, 12:46 AM
What A Night!

Some friends came over and smoked me out.....and then they told me that two of my favorite bands was playing tonight at the same show!!! I got stoned for free....and got to see Engine Down and Ted Leo and the Pharmacist for free!!! Holy Shit it rocked so hardcore!!!  And I got plenty of cereal and milk left to eat tonight!!!  And I don't have any homework!!!

Take it easy
  • Listening to: The High Party- Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
  • Watching: audio, no visual


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ApatheticEmotions Featured By Owner May 24, 2009   Writer
I dont know if you remember me, but we used to talk on her and aim all the time probably about 5 yrs ago/ OI havent been on here in a while and for some reason thought of you. lol. How are you, if you even remember me lol
JIM-SWEET Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2007
Hey thanks for that journal about my website. I don't have it anymore though. I just have myspace now. Click the link if you want to see it.
VictorJhonson Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2006
like your stuff dude.
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:clap: for 1.618!!
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Dude check out my site i got new stuff!! hey wake up!!
Semblance Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2005
Yeah, they're alright.
Semblance Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2005
Nice band.
sashimirider Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2005
as in Sum Rana? You should send them a message telling them how rad they are.......and tell them I referred you. Also, if you are a myspace dork, they have a myspace account. Add them........and you can listen to more of their music. Later
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