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Lady Tremaine and Cinderella

10th fashion couple!!!!i'm so happy!!!!hope you like it!
For Cinderella i decided to use the idea of glass and make something see-through. i don't think that i made the dress look too least i hope so

I have only one disney story to do-Aladdin. And plus 3 villains. Still a lot but i can handle it

My "Disney goes fashion" series
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I love your art soo much!! and I know you don't do requests, but I was wondering if you might do Cinderellas step sisters?? and i love Lady Tremaine's dress beautiful!
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These are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!:heart: but..... don't you've probably already heard this, but I have an OCD about Cinderella, I want everyone to know that her actual colors are a Sterling Silver with an itty bitty drop of light blue, But your color is Beautiful!:heart: oh and she's a Strawberry Blonde but you knew that :floating:
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tehe her boobeiz are showing
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I like Tremaine's dress :)
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i can see someone wearing it to Oscar=)
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Ya it's suitable for this occasion :)
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whoa!! i wish i could see cruella de vil goes fashion too!!!

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you will! i'm working on more disnay villains now. i've already drawn Hades- now i have Cruella and Izma left
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whoa!!! that's awesome!!! yaaaay!!!!!

omg hades, can't wait to see him too!!!

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he is pretty simple in my design. but i think he turned out stylish!
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hades has always been stylish XDDD

is it done yet? or is it coming soon??
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mmm....i wanted to finish it as soon as possible....i also have the Brave fashion to draw...but i started watching Supernatural-and can't i don't know when i'll be able to return to real world..
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anyway i am watching u now, so once its donne, just notify me and i will gush over ur drawing!!!

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amazing as usual!
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oh sweetie, don't worry. this is not vulgar at all. :D risque, yes. but tastefully done :love:
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that's good!thanks!
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I think you nailed the glass slippers. (:
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i'm happy if that's so!thank you!
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I'm not crazy about Cinderella's dress (but I'm no a fan of her dress in the movie either, or her character actually...) But I LOVE Lady Tremain's dress, and the boa is a nice touch for an accessory.
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I think the innocence of Cinderella's dress stops it from looking too vulgar: the poofy skirts and Peter Pan collar are a really nice touch. I also LOVE Lady Tremaine's dress; it's very understated but the colours and textures look really good together, including the hair.

Looking forward to seeing what you do with Aladdin. :)
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