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Disney villains go fashion III

Last set of Disney villains

Cruella Deville (101 dalmations) - the costume doesn't really fit her crazy charecter from the cartoon- but i think it's ok! And I'm totally a fan of Marc Jacobs this season- and i couldn't pass his huge fur hats- so here it is!

Yzma (The Emperor's New Groove)- that was hard......she has really cool outfits in movie- but she is actually ugly and comic charecter- i didn't really know how to show that. And i did suffer while drawing skirt- i never drew skirts cut like that.

Hades (Hercules) - he was cool!!!when he was mad he had crazy yellow eyes and i wanted to show that- so i drew glasses. The design is simple- but i think stylish and fits him/her



My "Disney goes fashion" series


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Yzma's design- I want eyelashes as black as my soul and as long as the list of people I hate.
Very nice work!
Wow what a fantastic company and a fabulous range of shirts. I love them all by my favourite is the snow geese. Shirt Hq

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Yzma fab Heart 
i lovedHeart 
baby your works so fab fab fabHeart Heart 
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thanks thanks darling! I'm glad you like it=)
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OMG!!!! Yzma's outfit is a TO DIE FOR!!!! These, as well as the others, are beyond phenomenal!!!!!! :D

I'm so jelly.
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ah you did get to Cruella.  Nice work ... I was expecting her to look more like my mother, though.
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The whole disney fashion is just too awesome!

I love Hades and Ariel the most :)

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OH god I LOVE Hades! With those shades! Yezma's outfit  is awesome too though.
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The clothes are great though.
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...How do they walk in those heels?
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I really hope they never have to wear these heels!!!I just like to draw them!
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I love this! I would kill to wear your designs!
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Where do you get these ideas from?! I am in love with youre designs!
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thank you!!i don't really know where i get the ideas- i just draw....i'm glad you like it
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You are just amazing!You inspired me Thank you !:D

Btw,how old are u ? I am just wondering since you draw so well!
(Sorry for my bad english hope you understand me ,even if i dont spell tings rigth)
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don't worry about your english-it's very good and i'm sure noone has problems with understanding you. I'm 22....there are so many people who are younger than me but draw so much better
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Have u ever made some adventure time inspired designs? Because i think it culd really be some cool dresses^^
Sashiiko-Anti's avatar
adventure time? is it some kind of cartoon? i've never watched it
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Yes it is ,for kids^^I am not waching it(i am 14 so..)but my friend little sister loves it :P
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i saw so art and really enjoyed it- but they don't show it in russia and i don't have a lot of time to watch it on-line
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