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Disney villains go fashion II

Time for bad girls!My fashion versions of Disney villains

Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty)
Jafar (Aladdin)
Frollo (Notre dame)
Gaston (Beauty and the Beast)
Shan Yu (Mulan)
Dr Facilier(The Princess and the Frog)



My "Disney goes fashion" series
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Caustic-Phangirl's avatar
Maleficent's shoes be killer.
Also Frollo is cool.
uliram's avatar
the maleficent outfit has to be my favorite. Well done.
LizzyChrome's avatar
Oh god, you worked Gaston's chest hair into the outfit! Close up it's pretty swirls. But from afar it's a bit disconcerting!

All of your Disney fashion outfits rock!
Jeelynasaurus's avatar

All of your designs (this includes villains and princesses) are absolutely fantastic! I don't know how you do it, but I applaud you for your ability. :cheer:  You take the original outfits the characters wear, and their personalities and create a whole new look! You're very creative, not to mention you have a fabulous fashion sense. High fashion or no, these outfits rock! (I'm saying this because usually high fashion is . . . strange. xD)

I'm quite jealous actually. ;P


Keep up the amazing work! =D

NatalieOlenska's avatar
LOL'd at the chest hair necklace.GREAT job BTW!
Sashiiko-Anti's avatar
yeah!It was unexpected but funny idea!
shamandalies's avatar
Maleficent's shoes are way too awesome! I'm speechless.
Sashiiko-Anti's avatar
thank you! I enjoyed drawing her and her shoes!
A-Gossamer-Mind's avatar
Omg, is that a chest-hair necklace I see on Gaston? XD
A-Gossamer-Mind's avatar
AHAHA! Absolute genius then!!
ChibiSilent16's avatar
I didn't even think about that until you said it. XD
A-Gossamer-Mind's avatar
So it wasn't!? XD Then I guess it is now....
Giulietta48's avatar
omg I've just looked through all of these, they are amazing!! I love disney and I love these!!
nana9apple's avatar
TygerLilli's avatar
I love fashion, and it's so clever how you make all the villains fashionable!!
RomanceFreak's avatar
That is just too cool!!
singi03's avatar
Wow you're amazing! I like how you get inspiration from the guy villains as well though this is clearly feminine. You worked a good use of imagination there. Great job on emphasizing each character! I'm glad I could tell which ones they were (aside from a couple but that's where labels come in. Thank you!)
FlorrieQueenOfKook's avatar
Shan Yu is terrifying yet awesome!
elisavisaceves's avatar
This, my friend, is unbelievably cool. Have you considered sending them in to fashion magazines? I'm a buyer already. This is mad cool!
Sashiiko-Anti's avatar
thank you!I don't really know what magazine may be interested in this art.....a how can i send it there
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