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November 21, 2010
The Color Tutorial - Part 1 -- Suggester's words: ~sashas explains concepts dealing with color in a really easy to understand and thorough way... and it's organized beautifully. This would be useful to everyone, I think.
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The Color Tutorial - Part 1

Part 2 --> [link]

Snap. I think that's the quickest one my tutorials have been turned into a Daily Dev. Thanks very much. Also, thanks to people who have faved/commented/watched and to the groups that requested this dev. Much Love.

I haven't had enough time to finish this tutorial in full so I'm submitting this first part of my coloring tutorial which I had in my scraps+some new parts. To tell the truth, it makes me a little nervous to do tutorials in parts, because I do a lot of reorganizing as I do tutorials to make things seem... logical. But whatevs.

Next sections cover color perception and painting techniques which can be applied traditionally and digitally.

I hope some of you find this helpful.

With Love,

P.S. I'd like to make a note that while I go over typical color relationships like complementary colors, and I go over color wheels, all this should be taken only a short-hand for an easy way to pick a color palette and a way to introduce people to terms artist commonly used to define color. The most important parts are the ones about hue, purity, and value, color mixing, and gamut.

Remember that you're the artist, and you should pick the colors that appeal to you.

I make my tutorials for free, but if you enjoy my tutorials and want to donate some funds for gas, art books and such, I would appreciate it. [link]

Helpful Stuff: [link]
Perspective Tutorial: [link]
Pencil Tutorial: [link]
Lineart Tutorial: [link]
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Yoyoyokitty's avatar
I'm sorry, I can read the tutorial, I cant see it /:
the picture is so small, im even using a magnifying glass app to zoom in on the pic and the words are all smudged and blurry. /:
Can you make your tutorial pics. a bit bigger? I was zoomed in 600% w/ that app and it was still blurry.
4thofficial's avatar
Are you on the official DA app? Android or ios? I ask because on Android there is a magnifying glass on the deviation page that loads the a higher resolution image - that's what I'm using and I can view the words here perfectly.
Yoyoyokitty's avatar
im using desktop computer, wndows 8
I just the windows button on keyboard and the plus key at the same time and it brings up the magnifying glass app.
Aerite's avatar
Thank you for this tutorial! :heart:
KawaiiCandyCane's avatar
the-midnight-fairy's avatar
Please.. someone can help me?  I'm very confused.. everyone and even in Japanese magazines they  talk about a scheme color and how to pick up colors that match each others... but still i don't understand how to picking colors, based to that color weel...
I read this tutorial, but I have just confusion of colors and nothing else.

I'm doing a drawing and now finished lineart, I need to choose colors. I'm starting from the brown of hair.. but I still don't understand what colors match with brown better... there's tertiary colors, double color, 4 colors in the color weel... but how to actually use ? I dont even seen the brown I want in the color scheme, how can I know how to count to get the colors that match? 

I mean, when I come to color my own drawing... I can't understand what color take . All that I know is that Ive decided the color of hair (light brown). All the rest, I dont have idea how to picking up the correct colors that give the drawing a nice coloring (because the perfect colors calculation before choose a color. I dont want to use casual colors)... I'm so confused... 
See how they choose perfect colors?

How can I do somthing similar like in these pages?

Thank you for the help... 
the-midnight-fairy's avatar
FINALLY! A tutorial that explain everything about color wheel! Thank you!
N3onN3ko's avatar
This is crazy helpful. Thank you!!
I am a future web developer and designer and this will help me a lot on my design part projects. awesome tutorial man!
DyingMan75's avatar
Nice!I hope it'll useful!
darkpix3ls's avatar
thank you so much♥
Absolutely superb!
ThisIsMissMic's avatar
this is so helpful!
charmainelhs's avatar
wow, this is really the best concise and understandable introduction to color theory that i have ever read! And I've been through quite a few... but got bored/was left in ????... yours takes the cake. Thanks so much for putting it together and sharing it! :)
Chockie84's avatar
thanks alot for sharing.
KoniPerdomo's avatar
Very nice! Ill consult it alot.
cha0swing's avatar
Kintupsi's avatar
Thanks for listing all those color scheme types! They were extremely useful in one of my projects. :D Also, very nice layout; I love the simplicity and the large, bright headers!
Vaunilla's avatar
Atalanta83's avatar
This helped me so much, not just in my art, but on my class too, for lightning on movies

XtreamCrazy's avatar
This... Is intense.

You've made it all so clear and concise. I am forever grateful.
mostafadn's avatar
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