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it's so cold. aiie. anyways. a random rudu thingy i drew because i wanted to figure out what her were form looks like. i'm not sure if this is quite it. she may need to be fluffier. oh. and she should have whiskers. i forgot the whiskers. i'm too lazy to go back and add them. imagine them. big long white whiskers. there ya go. she's a were-binturong/bearcat. that is all.

ignore the pointless b/g.
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dang your good.
i love your style
and ur colouring skills are off the hook.
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i do like this character!!
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I really like these action poses that you illustrate. Really come alive. Nice job.
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hmm...I'm not sure why I like this...other than it's just well drawn and well done...but I do.
For some reason, it holds my eye. :D

And I imagine those whiskers...and they're pretty. :nod:
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wow! i like it! the pants are really well drawn.
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the pose is great, the anatomy is great too! :clap:
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I love how you get so much movement in things. I love her eyes and her hands. I dunno why, I just do.

Oh, I had a dream about Panga and Dora last night. I don't remember what it was, but I did. O.o
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LOL I think your descriptions and your titles make your art that much better. But yes. I think fluffier is always good. *nods*
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I like how you did her pose... alot of mouvment!
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I love how the background is so simplistic, it brings out the character so much more. SHe's really pretty :heart:
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amazing work, in my opinion best pic of rudu yet (whiskers won't matter much if shes in were form because in were form some animalistic attributes don't appear hence were form ie half human hulf animal (just in case u need an excuse for laziness))
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That looks cool!! I like it!!=D
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Aw cute! I love the pose, its so.... jumpy! :XD:
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Awesome work! -clings to art piece-
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Teh pointless bg is pretty cool, and I love the position and perspective.
WullyBugger91790's avatar
very nice i like alot
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Very pretty, I like this a lot
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looks great, very nice pose :D
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I like it~
Fluffy is fun.
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Very nice! I like her coloring, and her clothes look pretty to me. ^.^;
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Abit more fluffier. Then she's good and her white whiskers. ^_^ Loks good. Keep it up. ^_^
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I LOVE the face. I simply adore it. Good job.
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