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Owl Bookmarks

I got a couple of comments about these guys also working as bookmarks. Couldn't agree more.

You can download the zip file (containing the pdf of all 3 sheets) and print as many as you like. The download button should be on the right side of the image. 

Enjoy and happy reading! <3
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Thank you for sharing these! My daughter-in-law and one granddaughter love owls, so these will be for them.

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My daughter just found these on pinterest, but finally I tracked down the originals.

AWESOME work, thanks :)

Thank you, I just love feathers and all types of birds. I a make dreamcatchers so these are perfect.

Gorgeous feathers

Thank you! Love them!

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These are gorgeous! I printed them out and laminated them. They're really pretty and everyone who sees them wants them.

Still trying to find ‘button’ to download

I would like to download the owl bookmarks but I cannot see the download button on right side of image, I love them

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For those in 2019 (and beyond) who are still having trouble downloading these cute little owls, I would try one of two things.

1. Make sure you are logged into DA (although I assume you are) I tried it not logged in and it failed. Tried it again logged in and it went through, but it wanted me to use Winrar, (pdf reader) which is a nope from me. I'm not buying their product, lol! If you want to faff around and maybe use another free one, that might work. I see no reason why it wouldn't.


2. if you are viewing this on a PC, you will see off to the side of your screen, more work done by Sash-kash. One of those will be another very similar piece but without the bookmark lines.

Open it, crop the ones to the right (it gives you the option to do this when you open the file, don't worry), save it to your computer, and print from there.

Bam! Done!

Thank you to Sash-kash for generously sharing their lovely artwork with the world.

I frikking love owls! This is exactly what I was after!


As a voracious reader and nature lover, these are fabulous. Thank you!
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Thank you so much!!
Hi there. How do I print these stunning bookmarks? Dont seem to see the download button...
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Hi there, I really enjoy these beautiful bookmarks you made.  Thank you for sharing! I printed out the 2nd page on black/white instead of color, and will shade them with color pencil later.
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These are so cute! Thank you!
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I think that it is a very wonderful bookmark.
thanks, very good desing!!
guys, somehow the download link doesn't seem to be working anymore... any suggestions? my kids are already loving the bookmarks
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Love birds, love reading <3
Thank you for making them available for download :)
They are really gorgeous!
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Do you sell these artistic bookmarks?
Very well done!
Kind regards from Paris, France.
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Very pretty for bookmarks.
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Very beautiful!! OMG, thank you <3
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