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Has something finally got Foaly confused!? OH NO!! IT's the end of the world!
I love that geeky centaur.

Done in Photoshop CS. :) :clap:
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I think Alex Hirsch would be the perfect choice as an actor for Foaly. They share the same personality, and Alex looks like him as well.
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This is best drawing of Foaly I've yet to see.
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yes yes just yes i love it!
Aw, great Foaly!
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I love his expression, coupled with that carrot... XD
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lol i remember the tinfoil cap.
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Haha looks like Foaly's gone back to the "stone ages" with that laptop...
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Maybe it's the portal gun that's got him in a dizzy?
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Foaly was always my favorite character from the AF series. And you drew him so well! :heart:
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finally someone does it right!
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XD heh Thanks!
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no, thank YOU. everyone else does him all buff and they draw his face like butler's oughta be.
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o wow realy?! ive never seen that but i dont doubt it. that must look preety weird.
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It does. Not very centaury.
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if i was im the AF foaly would sooooooo be mah best friend
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OOOOhhhhh yeaahhhhhh :)
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this is exactly how i pictured him
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XDDD This is awesome! =3
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In the books it always says he sits on a chair and I'm just thinking HOW CAN HE'S A CENTUR!
I like the carrot!
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