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DarkTen - An Ideal Windows 10 Visual Style/Theme

By sash-in
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Hello everyone!

I'll keep this simple, just like my theme ;)
This time, I'm presenting you - DarkTen. 

DarkTen is truly dark, minimal visual style/theme for Windows 10 and comes with blue accent. 

This is how I always wanted my dark theme for Windows 10 to be.
If you feel the same after trying, fav it! (I'll be glad that my efforts were worth it :) )

All the relevant links(IconPack+Installation instructions) are included in package.

Compatibility :

>> This theme only works on Windows 10.
>> Doesn't work on version 1511(November update) and older versions.
>> Tested on Creators update but should work fine on Anniversary update(not tested).
© 2017 - 2021 sash-in
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Explorer seem to have a white ribbon at the top. When using OldNewExplorer, explorer does not even open. Please help!

EDIT: I'm on Windows 1607 LTSB

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Ciamiikkkkk Teeeerrrrrr

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You are a master

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hello, im looking for someone who can make a request of mine.
I want a theme for my windows, dont think it will exist already
Do you take requests?

If so, i have an idea for an Wii (classic) Theme, the openings screen of the Wii. Should not be that difficult i guess, there are only 3 different objects.
let me know if you can or are willing to make it, or where i can ask it 

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AMAZING theme!!!
Any chance to make it a little bit darker? RGB color 30 30 30 instead of 40 40 40 as main color

Thank you in advance!
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great theme, simple and working awesome on 1809!
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please fix 404 link download..
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Does this work on version 1803?
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for me not work .. is change only crosshair + desktop image
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how can I get the background (joker) image?
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could you update this for 1709 fall creators?
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I tried it on virtualbox, on build 1709 (16299.214), and it works almost everything, except that the background color of the "name" of the open window is not transparent but the one selected in settings, and blank.ttf with blank.reg, does not help . sorry for my english
maybe works too on host machine?!

here's some bugs that i found for now>>>

Screenshot (1) by va2ik  

Screenshot (4) by va2ik  

Screenshot (3) by va2ik  

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I really love this theme, but as it has been said here before, it would be great if you created more colour options. Especially red would be perfect. Or if there is a way for me to change the color myself, that would be cool, too. 
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Please update to windows 10 fall creators update rs3, thank you.
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Really enjoying this theme. One of the best simple dark themes out there. Thanks for your work!
I am having a few problems with it, but it may be due to updates or maybe some of my settings are wrong. Certain windows programs are hard to read because they're all white backgrounds are still there, and the task manager is not how yours is. Also, 7Zip is still all white in the background, but that's a 3rd party program so I'm not expecting that to work well. I've provided pictures below:

Any ideas how I could remedy these issues?
Also, do you have a paypal or patreon I could donate a couple bucks to?

Edit: Winver - 1703 OS Build 15063.608
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fall creators????
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Can you say, what would be required to change it to the red color ? Would love the style when it matches :)
Would try to change it giveit to you!
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can you make the blue collor  to a red collor 
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I don't have sufficient time to work on it right now. I do plan to make 2 more color variants sometime in future.
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Yes. Works on Windows 10 Creators Update.(version 1703)
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thanks! and nice theme, i loved it!
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You're Welcome!
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