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NLR Emblem Wallpaper


Just a scanlined wallpaper for The New Lunar Republic. I may do the same for the Celestial/Solar Empire and Discord's Disruption at some point too :D

Original NLR emblem design by Emkay

Conflict of Superpowers
Solar Empire
Discord's Legion
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I stand strong for the NLR.  im one of the few from the underground sight thats used. may we use this?... or. actualy. may i. share it with my battalion? a more digital symbol for our flag would be appreciated. ((no i cant share links...  you would have to be sent the link by Luna herself...  
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If you wish to, by all means.
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Luna is the best princess!
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obviously... that's like stating that air is invisible, water is wet, or fire is hot... of course!
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But water isn't wet
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wet - to contain or cover with liquid.

water contains and covers its self so yes it is wet.
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Oh sorry I forgot the *sarcasm*
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I thought for sure you'd come back with [link]
oh well
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Sadley humans aren't dictionary's XD
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who said I was human?
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Luna Nobis Providet!
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now we have the perfect background for the super secret nlr super computer.
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long live the princess of the night Luna
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Need to make this a sprat for tf2.
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This would work great as a background on GRUB
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