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Beautiful skin tones. She glows in the light.
FemForm's avatar
Wonderful image - very serene and inviting.
DaddyHoggy's avatar
Wonderful. Very beautiful photograph of a striking model.
uareus's avatar
Flawless and stunning...
mistakeablyme's avatar
Great lighting, beautiful pose
UburuNg's avatar
Captivating image.  Unusual in so many ways.  Yet not easy to know just exactly how or why ... which draws one in all the more.  Gorgeous hands, with sensually long fingers.  The detail of the skin across the knuckles is beautiful, as are the subtle lines in the very feminine hands in general.  The angled bones just below the neck draws your eyes in towards the hands and work to frame the angle of the fingers and thumbs.  The silky smooth skin of the body is accentuated by the gently contoured skin where the upper body and upper arms meet.  Sculptured eyebrows, sprite-like eye lashes, and full lips also work to draw the eye downward to the hands.  And the meditative, humble demeanor overall is a perfect picture of serenity, totally unforced and unposed.  Glimpses of the white background serve to accentuate curves, as do the darker shadows of the upper arms.  And the fine, virtually invisible hairs and dotted plane of hair follicles on the hands and forearms saves the image from the airbrushed look that destroys so many photographs in the digital age.  Stunning model beautifully captured.  Kudos.
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2GracefulArt's avatar
Beautiful pose of her hands
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