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Concerto of Heavy Silence
In the darkness
The world comes alive
Shadows breathe
Emotions rise
Pain drifts in the air
All dancing to a slow waltz
The atmosphere is charged
With solemn grace
The girl sits with quiet melancholy
As her mind moves with the living silence
Silence that is loud
A thousand concertos
Crashing into each other
With naught a sound
Words with no shape
Shapes with no meaning
Meanings with no thoughts
Thoughts with no words
The air is alive
Charged is the darkness
Awake is the girl
In her deep exhaustion
Fast beats her heart
In its deathly still cage
The music caresses the air
In a beautiful silence
Come dance with me eternally
Whispers the sweet nothingness
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Something Is A Stir
You hold the lantern outstretched
You feel your clammy hands
Grasping tightly to the rusted metal
Your footsteps make the old floors
Moan in sorrow for their youth is gone
The shutters bang on the windows
Shouting to you
Wishing for an escape from the storm
Wave after wave of rain
Batters the sides of your house
The old wood walls
Cry and scream in torment
Like malevolent souls
Sapping your peace of mind
One by one
You descend the stairs
With only a small halo to illuminate the darkness
You stumble over discarded books
Pages rustling in the darkness
Stirred by the gusts
That ripped into your home
Thunder crashes down
So heavy you feel the anger in your bones
The smell of dampness is thick in the air
Choking you as you make your way to the door
Your hands tremble
Sending shifting light across the room
Making shadows dance
To the macabre beat
Just as you reach for the handle
The door swings open
Bashing into the wall
With a sound to compete with the turmoil outside
Endless rain
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Mature content
Kinda mature...? and yes im a virgin.... :iconsas0697:sas0697 0 0
The Proof Lies in my Memories
My throat burns
This is my punishment
Or maybe its my reward
Either way it is the proof
Of what I have done
The hurt I felt
When I walked to the bathroom
In the middle of the night
And leaned over the toilet
And slid my fingers
Into my mouth
The tears that fell
My shaking hands
The hollow feeling
Was somehow comforting
Yet somehow frightening
But better
Than my disgust
And my hurt
I have purged myself
From things that frighten me
More than my loss of control
More than the nightmares
That hide behind my eyes
My throat burns
This is my proof
Of my crumbling world
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5 hours later..... by sas0697 5 hours later..... :iconsas0697:sas0697 2 2
Prison of Lies, Who Holds the Key?
Free me from my prison,
Hold me ever closer,
Give me your love,
Foolish requests,
Falling on deaf ears,
Your bright eyes,
And warm smiles,
Hide the lies,
Im afraid of this world,
Ive locked myself away,
But thats not my true desire,
   I long to believe,
In your false kindness,
   I long to be blind,
To your true intentions,
   I long to surround myself,
With all your lies,
But I cant,
I see through those lies,
The disgust behind your eyes,
The hatred in your words,
So im cursed,
Locked behind bars,
Ive lost the key to,
Free me,
Hold me,
Love me,
Foolish desires,
That are seen by blind eyes,
Heard by deaf ears,
and consoled by mute tounges,
Am I cursed to suffer?
Or will I find someone,
Who will open their eyes,
Listen to my soft words,
And speak to me the truth?
Someone whos key will break me free?
:iconsas0697:sas0697 3 2
How Disgusting
How sick,
The thoughts enter my head,
I scream alone,
Trying to desperately banish them,
But they keep intruding,
I claw at my skin,
To relese this disgusting feeling,
Of my own self loathing,
I hate myself,
These sick thoughts never leave me alone,
This isnt normal,
Im a disgusting being,
I dont even deserve to live,
Someone should dispose,
Of my dispicable self,
But even though I wish for the thoughts to end,
A part of me doesnt,
For its been years that these thoughts have changed me,
Shaped me into who I am,
If I erase them,
Will I erase me too?
I dont want to change,
I want to stay the same,
If I change then the people I care about might hate me instead,
And I think its better to hate myself,
Then to see the loathing in their eyes,
And hear the words that stab my back,
So ill hate myself instead,
And try to cling to the one thing that isnt hatred,
The one thing that keeps my head above the water,
Even if its false,
And im already drowing.
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Sickening Sanity
The pain in my chest,
I struggle to breathe,
I suffer alone,
For no one can see,
I dont know why,
The pain is so harsh,
But the tears never fall,
Ive tried it all,
From cutting,
To scratching,
To starving,
Then purging,
But i cant release this pain.
I smile and laugh,
But its all fake,
Can you see my hurt?
Behind my mask?
Its been years,
My will is cracking,
will no one help?
Can you not share my burden?
Im afraid of being alone,
Ive been hiding in the dark,
Will no one free me from this cage?
Will i always be on my own?
But none try to pull me free from the shadows.
So here i am,
With my closed doors,
Yet desperate pleadings,
Alone in my own prison,
Hands no longer,
Struggling against the bars,
But instead,
Trying to hold myself together,
I wish for their words,
The voices in the dark,
Though they never come,
Why does everything deny me,
In my insane world full of my sickening sanity.
:iconsas0697:sas0697 0 7
Cruel Love
he has those deep eyes,
but they never see me
he has those soft lips,
but they never speak my name
he has that rare laugh,
but i never cause it
he has that small smile,
but its never for me
he has those warm arms,
but they never hold me
he always breaks my heart,
but i love him anyway
he doesnt notice me,
but i always notice him
hes perfect,
and im pitiful
isnt love cruel?
:iconsas0697:sas0697 1 0
Haiku Collection
This is a collection of Haikus i had to make for my history class. Also some others I made but didn't hand in to my teacher.
A contradiction
That's what that girl really is
Though she steps with pride
She acts indifferent
To try and hide her failure
But it only stings
Her untaught false grace
She dances in the shadows
With naught but moonlight
Words dance in my head
Thoughts flowing like vast rivers
It's my master piece
The rain falls down hard
The screams are heard from below
A girl cries alone
Strokes of the pencil
Create faint whispers of hope
That make up her dreams
Stories come to life
Bursting forth from the pages
Her vivid escape
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Hold My Hand
The stars fell from the sky,
And danced in our eyes,
Hand in hand,
We stared in the night,
The silver tears,
Now dried from our faces,
Our smiles,
Coaxed from our lips,
Warming our bodies,
As we lay together,
Side by side,
On the frozen earth,
Though our souls fly high.
:iconsas0697:sas0697 1 37
Vibrant Hues
As the sun rises,
Our souls fly,
High above the clouds,
To a place,
Where the sky,
Is bathed in vibrant hues,
Of a calm fire,
Of raging oceans,
And pure ecstasy.
:iconsas0697:sas0697 0 0
I bid you goodnight
Let us sleep in the night,
In silent slumber,
As the stars come out,
Shining ever so bright,
Goodnight to all,
I bid you sweet dreams.
:iconsas0697:sas0697 0 0
The haunting melodies in my head,
Crawling toward my soul,
Their black agony fills me,
Death seems so peaceful,
"Just drink this" they sing,
"Drink the crimson wine"
"And it will all end"
"Come with us to the next"
"We long for your soul"
The glass appears before me,
The sweet aroma,
Like delicate roses,
With thorns of steel,
"Drink the wine"
"Drink the wine"
The haunting chants fill my being,
I reach for the glass,
Yearning for the end,
Then it fades,
Like a mirage,
A white light fills my senses,
A feeling of pure joy and harmony,
Then a deep voice fills my head,
"Do not fall prey to the voices"
"They will only bring more suffering,
Then it ends,
But that was only the beginning,
Of something new,
A glass of blue light,
With an aroma of the spring rain,
And fresh flowers,
Appears before my eyes,
"Drink from the glass"
"Drink from the glass"
Says the voice,
When I reached for the glass,
Yearning for the light,
It said,
"And the darkness will fade"
I froze my hand,
But I don't want it to
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Dump Thingy by sas0697 Dump Thingy :iconsas0697:sas0697 0 0 BOREDOM by sas0697 BOREDOM :iconsas0697:sas0697 2 0

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Sam S.
United States
Hello! My name is Sam. I spend most of my time attempting to learn languages, drowning in school work, and staring at walls. I realize a lot of my stuff is shit but most was made before high school, so don't judge lol. I'm almost never on here anymore so don't expect a whole lot..... :woohoo: I try to submit my drawings and photos, but I keep forgetting... O.o" When I go to my dads house I need to remember to use his scanner but forget.

P.S. the pic is from Rinmaru Games


the people i know in real life:


Current Residence: U.S.A (PA)
Favourite genre of music: Anything with a beat
Favourite photographer: Me?
Favourite style of art: Most anything, i'm always in awe.
Operating System: Operating....
MP3 player of choice: My Ipod
Shell of choice: Seashells.....?
Skin of choice: Mine......?
Personal Quote: Lets hope it doesnt get worse.... Again.
I have now typed two versions of a journal to submit and I cant bring myself to click the green button for either one, and I think that's a pretty bad sign. Oh how the summer days hold such promises of love and laughter and hideous nightmares. Wish me luck on this journey called life, and hope I can live it for the length intended. Wish those around me luck, that they don't get pulled down under the black crashing waves with me. I wish you all luck on whatever endeavors you find yourself in.
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