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I did this piece for event of month with my friends
On April we have subject "Necromancer"

I want this character show a centipede feeling, i think it is a creature from freaky

Hope you like it :)
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Not a necro I'd like to tangle with... But hey! At least he and his raised zombies can't bit you with their mouths sewn over! =D
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It's disgusting and makes my skin itch! Good job.
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Have you heard of an artist called Brom? I have a book of his artwork called Darkwerks and this looks very similar to his works in terms of style and the dark fantasy subject matter.

I have recently read Stitched- a comic set in a contemporary conflict in which a cult like group pour in a black substance and seal all the bodily orifices by stitching in order to keep the spirit in the body. A theme/idea that this also shares

Bloody awesome.
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Incredible mood. Full of emotions.
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I really love this one. I like how its so striking but only blue and green. very nice work
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WoW ..
 not wow like in world of warcraft, its wow like i fuking love it....
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stay away from my bedroom tonight. please.  Waaaah! 
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Nice portrayal of this necromancer. It's very dark, which is the way I like it. :) B-) (Cool) 
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Oh god...
This is just so badass. just crazy
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Hi. Working on a schoolproject where we are creating a website about zombiesurival and found this picture very nice! Any change we can use it, and credit you of cource. Thx
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Absolutely cool. Love it.
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Über cool. Except for the centipedes. Centipedes are uncool.
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That is the scariest fucking thing I have ever seen in my entire life. Holy shit wow. Great freaking job. so much detail. It managed to disturb me! And believe me, i have seen loads of scary shit on deviant art. A great illlustration. SO much detail. The centimade on his hand rly blends with all the sews on him. He is scary and that is how necromancer should be. Great freakin job!
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really freaky :) love it!
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