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February 2, 2011
The Suggester said: "When I look at Ganesh by ~saryth I'm blinded by the light it gives off, the elegance in every stroke, the strong will in its eyes... Everything plays an important role in bringing this work to life. A wondrous rendition to the 'god of art' that will definitely boost your inspiration with just a glance!".
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Ganesh The god of art.
the god that i'm most like and pay my respect.
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arihmann's avatar

Hi i've always loved this image, Can I have your permission to get me a tattoo with it?

HireMeBethesda's avatar
oof is that a swastika? 
eyeconartist's avatar
Your illustration skills are Godlike! ;)
joylovesart's avatar
Hi I am looking for an Indian artists to paint/draw/digital art a Buddhist protector like how Hindu Gods are painted like above

Are you an artist and interested?
OR do you know of anyone who can. Please contact me.

My email is joyk99gmail

PendragonArts-GEA's avatar
This is beyond both beautiful and amazing... absolutely brilliant and inspiring!
wolfgirljw's avatar
I'm not even Hindu, but I can still praise this for being a beautiful artwork. Your depiction of Ganesh is marvelous! Instead of the colorful and peaceful art that I have seen of him mostly, you made him look more strong and noble, and he truly looks godly and wonderful.
WindySilver's avatar
Magnificent work!
Kareena08's avatar

Amazing artwork!! :3

I'm Indian and I pray to Ganesh ji
Pebbles-the-Penguin's avatar
This is absolutely astonishing. Your work is phenomenal.... simply impeccable.
shiftmaker's avatar
GOD of art, mind and intelligence. This drawing have some kind of energy which i cant explain. It got speed out-word. Being a Hindu and Indian myself I loved this god from childhood. In my eyes he is the most beautiful in form.
In a word very well done sir.
laesir's avatar
This has been my iPod touch background for years! It's used as my standard of excellence to achieve, not there yet. I'm glad I finally found who painted it.
This is really amazing!
GypsyGoddess's avatar
A different take on Ganesh than I'm used to seeing, he looks...ferocious...and I like it!
LinksDEVIANTDaily's avatar
OMG I LOOOVE THIS!!!! I wish I could draw like this O_O :heart:
You know, I'd never thought of his art patronage before. I've always thought of his power over healing first, but this definitely gives me more to think about. Thank you for such an excellent image.
So beautiful I love the details 
EricWongStudio's avatar
ow much to purchase this?
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