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Superbe et poétique.
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details and scene
its awesomly epic, right!
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Holy sh.... 0.0
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This is really impressive. Is it from a fandom?
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You attention to detail is impeccable. I look forward to seeing many more pieces from you. :)
LostGryphin's avatar
Amazing detail - love the colors and textures - the tattoos are well done - EPIC!
Loocid's avatar
Incredible! Amazing! WOW! Great work.
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this is definetly amazing work... but what is with propotions of this guy?
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So much more that meets the eye the more you look. I didn't even notice the creatures at first. The pads he's walking on kinda reminds me of crossing a creek, except that it would seem as if he's crossing some sort of alternate dimensional tunnel in violent flux. Just my take on it though. The figure himself is beautiful as well. His instrument makes me wonder if he's strumming his way through, and that's why the creatures don't eat him?

Fantastic work here.
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Phenomenal work - so much rich detail and intricate patterns in the background. Instant favourite.
DeeJay-Alien's avatar
Wow... That's amazing artwork and concept!!! :)
...Though his waist looks a bit too thick, as for me...
Anyway, don't pay attention on me, you did a great job! :heart:
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Not sure what this is but this looks magnificent! :)
Pearlpencil's avatar
Beautiful as always ^^ !
eternalpuppy's avatar
I love the textures you're using on this. :faint: They kinda blow my mind... And the subtle colors are beautiful
Demon-of-Sins666's avatar
i love it! Beautifully done!
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