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Dark warrior

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long time to do personal work. this piece for my free time...Dark warrior
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The first thing that got my attention was the ground, giving the overall feel of the picture very chaotic. the contrast of the warriors colouring and armour sets him apart almost perfectly, mixing the strong bold oranges reds and black,with the cold and armour colours. the final upside on this picture is the movement it has, again with the ground it gives off a sense of disruption, chaos and anger. The warriors movements are in perfect balance to this, with his arms well proportioned and the chains adding another depth of balance too, the only thing i would pick on is his head,and how it seems as if it doesnt really fit with the body its on, not proportion wise, just that,the colouring doesnt mix well and it feels like he should be looking at something,rather than staring away from his nearest opponent..thank you for reading <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/>
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Thank you Very much for this. help me to much. I would like to learn to draw a combat scene, have many guys in there. Thank you :)
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nice work! can i use it for my new setting D&D 5th edition? thanks in advance
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Don't mess with the Dark Warrior! :frankenstein: 

I absolutely DIG the ground (no pun intended). Tehe 3D 50x50 derp 
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Fantastic and creepy !
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Hoo-Lee-Shizz... awesome.
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Great piece of work!!
Thanks for sharing...
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Great atmosphere
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This is super cool! I dunno if I like the blood splatters though, it kinda cheapens it.
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Mayhem and bloodshed - ruining mankinds days since forever!
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Aye, flail & hooks :thumbsup:
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Woahhhh!! Awesome!!
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One of the best Thailand digital artist I ever seen so far. Love your work. Please keep sharing your awesome works. Anyway, his face looking at nothing is very annoying me because the eyes leading is almost completed, I started to look at the ground first because the fire catch my eyes then lead me to the head on the ground then from his leg up to his body then follow his head direction lead to the Dark warrior after I saw overall of him, I follower his eyes direction and got stuck...:/
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Immediately gives the viewer the feel of the chaos, terror and violence of combat. Amazing colors, the debris flying in the air and the flames. The imposing main character has an aura of invincibility. The shading and composition is good. This could easily be a book cover or a stand alone piece in a museum. Excellent work!
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his head looks like a medevil version of scarecrow from batman :D but he looks epic well done!!!
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beautiful piece
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