Wondering about taking commissions.

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By Saruva05
Hello there xD

I was wondering if it would be good for me to take commissions from other deviant-artits.
Since I am not that good in tradional pencil drawing i thought that maybe I could do Linearts for those who have made a pencil sketch of their own and that would like to have it as a digital lineart and don't want to do it themselves.

I would like to know want you think of this Idea of mine.
Would it be ok for me taking them?
Would you people spend some little money on this kind of commission?  ( I thoght for simple one character image 5 dollars and images with 3 subjects and complicated ons up to 20 dollars.)

Be honest, don't worry it is a simple question and I would like to hear what you think about it ^^

Regards Saruva05

Have a nice day XD
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Yep Thanks for your comments :)

I am currently working on a Visual Novel (in a group), quite some stuff to do, but at least i am back to doing some art at least >.<
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Oh! I forgotten to write one more thing! If you not good with sketching... practice it! D: 
Practice makes experts ;) 
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I'm not sure if there would be much ppl interested in this >:
I mean.. usually someone who is good at sketching is also good at digital arts. Well.. everything depend on the prices :>
But I think that it would be much easier for you to find someone to collaborate, though it wont give you money >.< 
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I think you should. It's a good way to practicing and make you known. And, at least, you can earn some points for adoptables, commisions, customs, premium membership... :)
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Yeah, probably the only way to increase/ and or find some skill and style, is by practicing. Maybe it could indeed be helpful to have some "commission-Like" work, in order to increase the will to go on :)
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Ciao c:
Ho trovato il tuo profilo quasi per caso e ho notato questo journal.
Stai cercando qualcuno da commissionare o aspetti che qualcuno ti commissioni? 
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Oh ciao :)

Quel post era di molto tempo fa.
era per vedere se potevo fare/ considerare di fare commissioni con i lineart..visto i pochi commenti e il livello a cui ero..non ho fatto piú nulla.

Sono cambiate un po di cose e ora sto lavorando a dei Visual novel :)
Ma ho anche ricominciato di nuovo a disegnare..quindi é ancora tutto aperto.

Come mai la domanda? Hai in mente qualcosa? :D
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Volevo chiedere una collaborazione xD
Non ho notato la data del post, mea culpa u.u" 

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Beh, potrei trovare il tempo^^
Di che si tratta?
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No beh nessun problema se non hai tempo...
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Come detto,
puoi dirmi di che si tratta.

Il tempo lo si trova, su su :D
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Vedo che ti trovi bene a fare linearts :3
Ti andrebbe un collab su qualcosa del genere fantasy?
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Beh si, ma sono linearts di immagini pre fatte.
Sembra interessante, che collab sarebbe? solo immagini o un piccolo progetto?
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it's gonna be hard to find ppl that just need their pencils inked, because chances are that they're comfortable inking their work themselves. unless you have a seriously unique inking style
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yeah i thought that too, thats why I made the question xD
Thanks for your opinion!
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