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So what this Poll is telling me is that my audience wants to see Shipgirls, Maids and Butts.
Wed Feb 28, 2018, 10:49 AM
Mon Jan 15, 2018, 5:28 AM
Well I mean we can all be civilized and not SHOUTY.
Sun Jan 14, 2018, 2:46 PM
Wed Jan 10, 2018, 4:00 AM
Thu Dec 14, 2017, 12:24 PM
Fri Dec 1, 2017, 9:50 AM


AMA Question 10 - CoralMelon
And last and not least, the final question!

Again, sadly due to her chosen profession Akamizu does not usually have the time to enjoy a good sunrise, the typical Shadowrunner generally sticks to the shadows and runs during the night (it's in the name :D). While she has had a normal morning they are a luxury!
Thank you for the question though CoralMelon ! it was a good one!

AMA Question 9 - DownAtMcDonaldz
Such is the life of a Rogue Trader, much drinking and much making damned fools of yourself, and our Rogue Trader ladies are no different.
However DownAtMcDonaldz Nerith would struggle to get drunk because she doesn't drink that much at all actually (and tbh I don't think Eldar can get drunk) buuuuuuut I assume she would have to deal with Naz who is a... well as Nerith said, a happy huggy drunk.

AMA Question 8 - AirMasterParker
And finally got around to finishing the last questions, sorry for the delay!

This question asked by AirMasterParker was simply curious about my characters measurements, I thought this would be a simple answer  but then I came to remember while I have a few characters there are also lots of versions of them depending on the setting they are in! (Remember the prime Mirai is flat! :'D) so simply put I couldn't fit all of them on this box, maybe I should do a chart in the future about all the different versions and their unique differences but I'll save that for another time!

Hey guys, just been thinking about a few things that have come up recently and i've finally decided on about sketch commissions it so here it is now to let you know.

Previously I have been against accepting commissions partway through a stream, however recently I have slowly been changing my mind on that opinion, so thus the follow is now optional for those of you who want to commission me for just a sketch.

If at some point you catch me during a stream and you want a on the spot sketch commission then I will accept (or refuse) it depending on the current situation or depending on how much detail would have to be put into the sketch!

The only rules for this is, again, I can and will refuse the commission if I am not interested at the time or if the sketch requires me to deviate from what I am currently working on for too long, but if it's just a nice simple idea I am more than happy to accommodate!

Thank you for your time and I hope this offer is pleasing for you all!
YCH Commission - Cy-Dra
The result of my first YCH commission... which I am censortising because dA reasons! Despite the mature content filter!
But yeah I hope you like the result! The commissioner wanted a sun set background with a hot spring scene, his character Cy-Dra is definately a fantastic character to draw with the colouring actually going by very smoothly.

Either way, I will upload the next YCH posting along with open commission slots after I've sorted out the next commission reference page which has been waiting for me to finish it, I hope you'll like what I've come up with but until then please enjoy this piece!
Commission - AeroTatsu01
Another commission done! This one for AeroTatsu01 ro draw his Dragon Ninja girl!

Commission - BloodAngelsCaptain1
And here we go again with the first commission done! I was commissioned by BloodAngelsCaptain1 to draw his Shadowrun-AA-Megacorp-CEO-Dragon-Lady Adrianna Vinson again, this time with her human partner William Vinson as the two decide what to do after a long hard days work.
I also took the liberty of trying a more simplistic shading/highlighting style based on the Senran Kagura style (which I love) which was much easier to do, I hope you all like it!


Adrianna and William Vinson (C) :iconbloodangelscaptain1:
February 2019 - Oozing with Treasure

It will be an early release I says, Took another 3 weeks it dids.

*Ahem* That aside i'm proud to give you guys this month's Patreon image set! the second of the D&D theme'd sets to be produced, sadly this took waaaaaaaaaay longer than I originally anticipated... and with me almost reaching my $100 goal (which is to upload more pictures a month) I think for the sake of producing more art for you guys at a more reliable pace I will stop doing these massive image sets that I have been doing up to now and settle on a far simpler set of a few pictures along with simple shading- if any at all. I apologise if you loved these big fancy sets but it's quickly becoming apparent to me that at this moment atleast not very viable with other art work to do such as commissions. I hope you all understand!

But yes, the second image set depicting Star as a Sorcerer in the mystical land of Dungeons and Dragons where horrific and magical creatures exist including the Fey which in most settings are just as randy as real world historical lore. So I asked myself, what would a Fey do if it got it's hands on a certain creature? Well it's a good thing anime exists because it gave me the answer for me! And this image set here is me working on that idea. I once again thank ZanMS for allowing me to use his character for this image set!

You can find this 12 image set available on my Patreon here  >>> <<< for only $1!

Star (C) :iconzanms:


So the idea has been tossed at me, and honestly been juggling this for some time. Should I increase my commission prices? I have been told by quite a few people now that I am underpricing my art. (This will not effect my current Commissionees) 

27 deviants said Maybe a small increase, but nothing dramatic.
16 deviants said Yes, but only for the Cleaned Lineart Commissions, they take longer.
9 deviants said Yes, you are very under priced.
6 deviants said No, your prices are fine as they are.

Commissions - 2019

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 7, 2019, 11:00 AM
-Stubborn Bastard-

1; BloodAngelsCaptain1 (DONE)
2; Warlockguy (DONE)
3; AeroTatsu01 (DONE)

When you decide to commission me please make it clear on what it is you want, I've had trouble with this before and while I am many things I am not a mind reader, If you wish to commission me tell me;

1. What you would like. (Chibi, Full colour, Comic etc)
2. Who would you like. (your character or characters of choosing.)
3. Any additional information, If it is a comic I need a script to work on.

DO NOT just chuck a [link] at me and assume i'll get it, you must be CLEAR on what you want.
If you are not clear and are just being coy the entire time I will just ignore you and not accept the commission.

I only accept payments via Paypal.

All artwork I make is under a Creative Commons License, you are not permitted to use your commission(s) for commercial use. Should you wish to commission me for commercial projects please send me a note or email.

If you wish to use a commission that you have previously commissioned me for as a commercial piece please contact me via a note or email.


Step 1. Contact me about what you want, you can contact me via note here on Deviant Art or by the email address, although I would prefer dA Notes.

Step 2. After the commission is agreed upon I will do a rough sketch and communicate with you to see if any changes must be made, after this and all is agreed upon I ask for the full price of the commissioner.

Step 3. I will continue to work on the varies stages of the drawings giving Work In Progresses at each stage (Sketch, Line Art, Flat colour) if the commissioner requests any changes that require redrawing the picture after lining however there will be additional charges.

Step 4. Barring there is no changes on the last stage I will finish the commission and then send the final result to the commissioner first before submitting a smaller version on my various galleries.

Step 5. Enjoy the artwork!





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