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15% off all in my shop using the code HAPPYHOLIDAYS15
20% off orders of $50+ using the code HAPPYHOLIDAYS20
30% off orders of $100+ using the code HAPPYHOLIDAYS30
Sale ends January 3 so take advantage of it!
Hey Guys! I got a Facebook art page so you can go follow or like that if you wish! I'll be sharing my Instagram posts on there so you can see a lot of my sketches and traditional art.

I'm having a Black Friday Sale in my shop! It's 20% off orders of $10 or more! Good through Cyber Monday so make the most of it. :)
My Shop:
Hey guys! Thank you for all the birthday wishes! It was super sweet of you. Hope you all are having a tremendous day :3
AYYYY I have a shop! I'm selling originals and prints, so go buy stuff and make me rich The Annoying Orange laughing .

I'm going to be adding more prints and originals at the end of the month (crossing fingers) and I WANNA MAKE STICKERS!!
So please please comment and tell me what kind of sticker sheet themes you would like. I'm thinking maybe hippie fairies or fall? 
And if I make single stickers, what would you like them to be? I can only make one sticker sheet design and one solo sticker design for this month so lemme know what to make!