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returning to HQ... :D
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...not yet DURIANs season, so some pome would do for now (got some typhus from eating these things too much =>12 fruits in 3 days) :lick:

Current Residence: between psychotic n paranoid in utopia land of terror
Favourite genre of music: gothic, new age, european folklores, WAYANG GOLEK
Favourite style of art: pencil, water color
Wallpaper of choice: moody pics..easy on the eyes
Favourite cartoon character: heero yuy
Personal Quote: .....eihhhh, males ammmaaaatttthh *.*" -'m soooo, laazzzyyyy-

Favourite Visual Artist
aoyama gosho/kamijyo akimine/takehiko inoue/ayamine rando/kouyu shurei/satoshi shiki/kumakura yuichi
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gundam wing, men in tights...?FMA...!!!!!
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linkin park,DoasInfinity,enigma,Yuki Kajiura,KOKIA,Ki Dalang Asep Sunandar Sunarya(Wayang puppeteer)
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T.S. eliot, MYSELF
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manga, anime, poetry, psychology, SHOTA...(NOT the real living creatures!!)
so... the story goes like... uhmmm, some time about last month or the month before that (not so sure since saru wasn't home at the time) a queen-cat gave birth to 4 litters in saru's attic... then, when saru went home around 22th august, there was only ONE kitten left in the attic... sister-snake and Mom gave it milk and chicken meat to survive while wondering why the mother-cat didn't take it with her when she moved the three kittens from the attic... :? and the epidemic started with a simple thing that the kitten didn't get groomed by it's mother, thus it got MANY fleas... and still... we took turns taking the fleas off of it with a pa
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it's the second time Saru saw a small tapeworm fighting its life with ants. (the worm was probably from the genus of Echinococcus...not sure :raincloud:...trying to find its name just reminded Saru to take anti-worm medicine -ugh! photos of worms!- *shivers* ) the small white-worm was about 3-5 mm in length and the ant was ....well... about 2-3 mm in length; but -praise God we have limbs- it's a loosing battle for the worm, of-course anyway, the worm kept stretching and shrinking, trying to get away from the ant; while the ant was busy trying to pull it and (perhaps) rolling(?) it to its nest... a long way to go, too. right. so, after ab
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what happens when your she-date, when you're trying to groom up your appearance a bit, suddenly turned to a HE-date by the time you finish grooming? :laughing: well, first you might wonder whether there's some Fate being jealous, or just plain bored and wanted to have some game with your twist of luck... BUT, it that happens for the -nth time, wouldn't you suppose to be wondering whether there's SOMETHING WRONG with your eyes and/or your other senses as well...?? like, come on, how come you didn't realized it that it was a HE just because of the same black color? :faint: RIGHT? Pilgrim, you baka, if you mistaken that neighbour's tomcat fo
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Happy B-day Mbak Ega. Moga Ekyu makin eksis XD
ehhhh... ada yg ngucapin ultah, makasiiiiiih yaaaah XD

maaph ga pernah dibuka dA-nya TT___TT ~:heart:
makasih buat doanya... :D
hihihi lebih ngeksis di FB ama Tumblr ya Mbak? :D

Semoga rejeki makin melimpah :D Nisbi n Fix Up 2 cepat kelar XD
ahahaa... di FB cuman buat ngobrol2-gaje/curhat doang kalo ega mah... postingan yg serius2 biasanya si Oni yg masukin

kalo tumbler mah malahan si Oni yg pake, ega ga pernah buka2 sama sekali *gaptek* :p

~iyaaaa.... kita juga pengennya cepet2 bisa ngerjain Fix-up 2 (perasaan Nisbi-nya ga kelar2.... hiks)
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KAAAK EGAAA *nangis histeris*
Makasih gambar yg waktu pameran di Braga ya :meow:
Ga nyangka bisa digambarin sama komikus favorit.. :iconcannotevenplz:
lho ultah tho? Happy B day sis.. wish U all the best yaaaa
konnichi wa! salam kenal egaku-san... :D