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This one features four of :iconmoggiekat: Moggie's CoH and CoV characters. They'll never meet in-game, but somehow they met on this street. You'd think they might have been more sociable... but no, they decided to rumble. Featured here (from left to right) are: Quality of Mercy, Joyeux, Gentleness and Gamer's Widow.

Hope you enjoy, Moggie! :glomp:

Poser 7, Vue 6 Esprit, PSP XI
Credits provided on request.
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Awesome scene, character look dynamic and alive. Nice work on the texture and expression
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kick ass pic!
i wish i could rig...
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that's one of Stonemason's sets?
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Yes, it's called "Urban Sprawl", available at DAZ.
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awesome! thanks for the info!
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Great action and posing.
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Very well done! Fantastic job on those costumes! I love the poses and expressions here as well. :)
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Great posing and action! :)
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Great pic,nothing like a good cat fight :) :+fav:
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My girls are so violent. But what do you expect from sisters? :)

Sartori, this is wonderful!
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I bet the one getting kicked in the face is Gentleness O.o! Thats GOTTA hurt!
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Ouch! That's gotta hurt. :o LOL The faded background you made from various stronemason props is excellent, too. :D :D :D
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I can imagine a heel to the face would hurt quite a bit...
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Awesome! The only thing I would suggest, is adding some kinda car on the road, even if it's way back there behind them. There's almost never a time in the game where there's not something rolling by ;)
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Though if i could say a suggestion, for QoM might want to move her forearm down or up a bit, it looks like the blade is coming out of that arm instead of being held in the other hand. :)

And OW a heel to the face, that's gotta leave a mark! :)
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