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The Cone of Shame

Long story short: today I just discovered that I could rotate the canvas in ps7 by 180 degrees in one click. For the last.. 7 years I've been doing it by rotating it 90 degrees twice even though the option for it is just a half centimeter above it on THE SAME MENU. So I donned the cone of shame and made Anvindr don it too. He was not too happy about it. At all. |:
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Lmfao I just found the 180 thing too XD I thought it was 360 for some reason
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Dunno why either lol ^^
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Oh noooooo poor Anvindr!! XD XD XD XD
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What an idea! :D It was so funny in the movie Up! too :)
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Heheeh. That was a fabulous movie.
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ghgh it's great :D
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Lolz this made my night XD
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Rofl I'm glad then. Cuz it sure made mine.
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Oh Anvindr, *pat pat* at least you don't have to wear it for seven years or something.

I'm gonna be really weird when I say his pose makes his back look really scratchable. *Has a tendency to scratch people's backs*
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Ani: ._____.

Lol. He may or maynot like that. I really can't be sure.
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Lolololol. Cone of shame. I am pretty amused by this.
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Points and laughs, falling over.
"Aaahahahahahaha!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!"

((I am crying I am laughing so much, asks Tom, he was there when I was.))
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[dies laughing]

I have this urge to go watch UP now...
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watch it, watch it nao D:
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Well now he won't chew at his stitches.
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I dont have words for how funny this is.
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lol i had a cat that wouldn't eat if she had the cone on. it was hard to move her too
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Roflmao poor kitty.
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she got it taken off because a) that and b) she wasn't attacking her stitches. needless to say she still wasn't happy with us
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