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The Adonis and his Vampire by Sarrin The Adonis and his Vampire by Sarrin
By those two >>>title character<<<< I refer to Dorian Gray as played by the wonderful whose fabulous RP skills I have been deprived of, and my own Victoria (who, with luck, will be the main character of my vampire novel, which starts with Victoria in the 1940s frightening a poor SS officer, and getting another one killed, and feeding off the third, while getting herself stuck with the only Jew left in the vicinity, Shifra, whom Victoria adopts. Victoria is from the Victorian Era, as is Dorian (though he's genuine!) and is named after the Queen. Because her parents are freaks. She's bitten on her birthday, Halloween, which is a full moon and jazz, and I think it's either her 18th or 17th birthday. Anyway.
This isn't the best picture, but it could have been worse...::sigh::
DORIAN: Cheer up, now. I find your melancholies so tedious.
VICTORIA: Dorian, be nice.
DORIAN: Strange words coming from a vampire.
VICTORIA: Bite me.
DORIAN: Need I repeat what I just said?
VICTORIA: Do it and I'll bite you.
DORIAN: I believe the last time you bit me I not only enjoyed it but invited you to do it again.
VICTORIA: I...ooh...I hate talking with you. I can't ever think of anything to say in response without resorting to unladylike violence,
DORIAN: A little androgyny, now and again, my dear Victoria, is most attractive.
VICTORIA: I'm not surprised you'd think that, Gray.
DORIAN: 'Gray'? Have we gone from affection to aggression so quickly?
VICTORIA: .......yes.
DORIAN: That's all you have to say- yes?
VICTORIA: Er, see above comment, when I say I can't ever think of replies to your words.
DORIAN: Ah. Understandable, I suppose. I can be rather...complicated.
VICTORIA: Oh, God, don't quote that ridiculous rip-off. You're so much...well, what can I say?...better!
DORIAN: I concur. And 'Dorian' will suffice.
VICTORIA: --? Oh, I see, you mean that you think I was referring to you as a god...well, I wasn't.
VICTORIA: You're most certainly like someone out of the pages of a book of Greek mythology, but I was thinking Narcissus.
DORIAN: And you, my dear, must be Echo.
VICTORIA: I'm not that bad at comebacks, thank you.
DORIAN: What were we saying?
DORIAN: Quite so. Stuart Townsend has absolutely nothing on me.
VICTORIA: Nor does Mina have anything on me!
DORIAN: We are a much better couple than they are, it is true.
VICTORIA: Although, if I have my way, our ending may be just as happy.
DORIAN: Ah, Victoria, you wound me.

I like rambling. 'Tis fun.^^
Mizamour Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2005
I love your roleplay! Awesome! :D
amuletts Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2005  Professional Traditional Artist
Very good expressions I like it :)
Sarrin Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2005
^^ Thank you!
By the way, I coloured it. [link]
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