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Guardian Angel -for Leonken

By sarraklok
My first time using brushes. The sunset is my own as is all the placements. Benny is FONV, Andy belongs to :iconleonkennedyisgod:

God I fucking hope you love this......
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you have hope atleast
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My goal is to become one of those realistic artists with photoshop and illustrator. You know those ppl who make scenes and people who look like literal photographs of REAL things? Yeah. That. I have the determination and once my skills improve, I've no doubt I'll get to that level. :D

I'm going to reference someone actually real soon here and see how it looks. Still focusing on coloring/shading and the like so this is going to be fun.
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This looks shopped.

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duh, rofl. started with the blank canvas and went on from there.
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It's purty hehehe.
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i love it,,it seem emotional,,its not a Picasso one??XD
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Definitely not Picasso. Inspired by part of my friends story that made lots of readers cry.
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mmmm sad stories?
well if u dont mind sending me it link,u did great.
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It IS up to about 180 chapters right now.... lol
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naaah thank you!i dont think ill blow my eyes with reading alot!!i barely can read a page!!XD
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:iconleonkennedyisgod: the chapters are numbered on his page there. :) Enjoy.
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i dont know if i will read it,but i will check them and if i like them i will hopefully continue,,tnx anyway.
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aww ok. Just figured about your gung ho about it in the last comment, lol. You seemed like you were totally squeeing about a long, great story and wanted the link... :confused:
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aw thanks! I keep pushing to learn more and I sure did while working on that. :)
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By description I feel this took alot out of you! Good job.
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Yeah, it took a good 4 hours. First time I tried a LOT of things in photoshop so, it was nice to learn. :)
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