For My Doll wigs review with Lyra and Diaval!
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Hello everyone! Like I mentioned earlier, I'm making some reviews for FOR MY DOLL company! 

They chose some people from Blogger, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr etc. to tell experiences and share pictures of their wigs. They though that deviantArt review would be also helpful when I suggested the idea (quite many BJD people here as well!!) so..

I'm happy to be one of their reviewers and here come my Lyra and Diaval! I'm posting this also to Instagram, Facebook and FMD sites + sherimi will post her review on her blog later :3

For My Doll sites:

Let's start with a simple box opening as they wish us to tell everything from BO to actual testing!

I ordered the wigs on July 9th and I assume they shipped them immediately, as they arrived already on July 17th which is very quick! (their "my page" didn't update the shipping day, but it doesn't matter to me at all). FMD offer airmair shipping alongside EMS which is excellent because I don't like to choose expensive EMS shipping to Finland every single time I want a wig, not to mention EMS is sometimes even as slow as airmail. I have also never experienced lost packages, so I'm choosing airmail in the future as well. The box was secured, nothing bad to say!

Packed safely and I think FMD almost always include a cute small gift (hair accessories) as I have got something almost every time I think! This is not first time ordering from them xD

(The colors are like this with very warm morning sunlight behind curtains.)

And here are the wigs! I chose beautiful new color [FMDS-1120] Gray Purple in 6-7inch size for my Narae N416. Wig sales page here:…

The another color is [FMDLL-1086A] Steel Gray in 9-10inch size for my Soom Idealian Hyperon. sales page here:…

At first I wanted to test Lyra's wig "gray purple" so here you can see how the style looks on my doll. I didn't brush it or anything to make it look different etc, it looks like this straight from the package so my photos of the style are "honest" I can say. I apologize a bit dark and cold photos, the weather has been very rainy and stormy lately but I tried to capture the shades closely anyway in some photos. :3

If this photo doesn't work, click:…

This wig looks pretty wild straight from the package, but it's not dry or fuzzy. It looks soft, the curls stay like this very well and you can separate some bigger curls and have a candy cotton cloud of mini curls if you like :D 

(Extra note: This wig is good the way it is now without chemicals added because personally I'm avoiding almost any kind of wig wax with resin dolls. I have experienced waxed wigs and it was unpleasant to try to protect my doll's faceup and clean my hands because the wig felt sticky and oily, and the another one had weird rough white residue from dried wax and it looked very bad on dark red plastic fiber. I want to use only water and iron so I want my wigs without any chemicals even with wild curls.) 

It has very beautiful many shaded fiber mixed, like greyish brown, cold and warm lavender which makes almost pink shine when the light hits there! The wig cap is covered nicely, can't see the base at all.

(Extra note: I chose a smaller wig for Lyra because her head is pretty small compared to other MSD dolls and YOSD wigs fit her much better. The photos on their sites tell very well the fitting too, they photograph their wigs on different sized dolls so it's easier to see how they look like in bigger or smaller sizes.)


If this photo doesn't work, click:…

And the second one is here. I chose this color "Steel blue" because Diaval had a clothing piece with greenish blueish grey fabric so I thought would be fun to test a matching item :D

I have absolutely nothing bad to say. I think this wig is very good for boys and girls, it's not too short and doesn't look like a girly bob cut which is problem to me with some short and round boy style wigs. I personally always avoid round looking wigs for boy dolls because round shape makes a bit childish/girly look on manly muscle men imo but this one is very handsome in my personal opinion.

The size of 9-10inch of FMD is quite tight for dolls which have bigger heads such as this Soom Idealian man, but without a silicon cap it fits like a glove and stay in place without any support. The wig base is nude colored so it doesn't stain either, so.. everything feels good!

the wig cap/base stays hidden even though I pulled some fiber behind his ears xD Positive surprise, it looks nice too.

This wig also has interesting color scheme. I think it's close to the sales photos even though it has warmer shade of grey in person than I expected (my monitor likes to make everything look very cold). But it has nice a bit cold mint colored fibers among brownish warm grey and it matches with my doll's colors/clothing anyway, so I'm very pleased. The wig cap/base is also covered well, no matter where I comb it doesn't show the base cap. The fiber isn't dry or fuzzy either, cut finely and doesn't have flyaways at all. 


And the experience shortly

+Shipping prices, shipping safeness and times excellent
+Fiber quality compared to wig prices is very fine
+Colors are as described 
+Styles are as described 
+Customer service (from my previous orders too) is very good
+Sites works whatever platform I use, especially mobile site is very important nowadays because personally I'm using my phone much more than my computer so a badly working mobile site which freezes all the time or pictures are all over the place or look twisted just make me not want to order if I'm not at home and using my iPad and android only.

Well, that's my review for now, I hope you enjoyed it or find it useful. :3 If you have any questions, drop me a message! I definitely recommend this lovely company and all of their products, not just wigs only. 

Many hugs and dolly happiness!

~ Satu

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ResinToBeHobbyist Artisan Crafter
I got a wig from them a while ago and it is fantastic. :D Thanks for the review! 
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SloanBJDHobbyist Photographer
They sent the wigs in a pink box? That's so cute!
I might have to order some wigs from them in the future... thanks for doing this review! :3
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Yes haha that pink box was so cute! :D And I totally recommend them :) Glad if this helped you! They are adding more new wigs for sale now, so check their sites ^^
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Purple-angel-starHobbyist General Artist
For My Doll has beautiful wigs indeed. They have a nice thickness too :)
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The wigs are so beautiful, my lord!

The curly one is my favorite - I'd order it for me to wear, haha! XD Lovely pictures. ;v;
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Thank you for the review. I ordered only once at FMY the in-stock wigs, and unfortunately, one of the wigs was too small for my doll with a non extensible cap. As I may need some wigs in the future, your review is perfect timing ;)
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Rainbow--FerretHobbyist General Artist
The wigs look great! I love the one for Lyra and her little wing pieces too! Where did you get them? (if you don't mind me asking ^_^ )
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