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Windy Garden

I was unsure about this picture but I liked the background as this building is almost like her wig color and those purple flowers are there even though they make it quite messy :D and even that little sunlight and shadows of flowers.. many little things but again, open for opinions if you have.

Mystique is a wolf goddess, a guardian of forest animals in Solamnia's elven kingdom

Soom Dia

We are one by Sarqq
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Thats so pretty picture
*Free Icon/Emote* Pusheen (...I Wuv It!) 
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The photo looks great back ground is perfect!
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So nice ! ^v^ I'd like to wear her clothing !
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Musta tää kuva on kyllä tosi nätti ja silleen kivasti vähä ns. sekainen tai sotkuinen noiden liilojen kukkien takia :3
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No hyvää :3 kiitos paljon! mulla on joskus tällainen vapaampi tyyli pyöriä kameran kaa etten asettele yhtä lehteä tai kukkaa tuntia vaan napsin mitä eteen sattuu, huvikseni.. sitten näkee koneella kehtaako julkaista xD joskus tuntuu kuin avaisi kindermunan ja jos sieltä tulee ihan kiva yllätys niin sen pitää ja jos huono niin roskiin vaa suoraan :D vitsi mitkä vertauskuvat! varmaan joillain ammattivalokuvaajilla olis aika jyrkkä kanta tähän mun kohellukseen, mutta omatpahan on huvit jokaisella %D
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Ole hyvä! :3 Hehe ja kaikilla myös omat tavat ja tyylit tehdä taidetta : DD eikä mikään suoranaisesti varmaan väärin ole :3 Hahhaha hauskat vertauskuvat, mut toimivat kans : DD
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She's so lovely and dainty! She looks perfect among flowers! 
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Nature is her home in the storyline so nature pictures, I feel she looks better in them than indoor photos! ._. Thank you so much :heart:
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:wave:  Your wonderful work has been featured here :heart:
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oooh I didn't know that she is a Dia, feels like the first time I have seen a Dia like this 
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Yes she's my oldest doll currently I think and must be my first Soom doll as well xD You may have seen male version everywhere, it's super mega popular.. I just have this wolf girl ._. I just like her more as a girl..
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Yes I have! there are so popular that I don't want to like them but I can't XD I like them too xD but I like the girl as well, I wonder how come the male Soom Dia became so popular.
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I love your Dia, she is so pretty.  And her dress, another one of Sherimi's beautiful creations, I guess!? Love the soft and tender colortones in this shot. Heart 
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Thank you! ah, actually this one is so old so it's not made by her :) I got this maaaanymanymany years ago and both corset and skirt are made by other hobbyists, I bought them.. Actually I want some new more Mysti-ish clothes for her from sherimi but she's currently busy with her Iplehouse Stella so I don't want to harass her work xD Mysti is my oldest doll currently so she has the oldest clothes too haha
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She is so beautiful and ethereal! I like how the purple flowers "surround" her, they make the picture more "forestly", if you know what I mean. Meow :3 
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Thank you :D That was something I actually tried, like forest feeling. I always avoid damaging flowers but I gently moved them with my feet  XD so they didn't cover the doll completely.. fun to test this kind of effects, sometimes they work and sometimes not.
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She's really AMAZING! :heart:________:heart: I want more pics!!!! 
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Thanks :heart::heart: aaand I still have some pictures where she is, but I'm feeling like spamming too much right now xD maybe next week more u///u
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Very beautiful^^
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