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Gemma got a new wig yesterday and I wanted to test it with her Portal style looking cyber headgears which I made (Cernit clay and glued details), they're not just decorations she uses them while fighting, they bring more speed and receive commands, and they're connected with a giant fighting robots for sharing info with them etc. :aww: I just needed quickly a plain background so I opened the door and put her on snow haha!

aaand there's a little toy with her, I took an another picture with it which is trying to represent one thing in Gemma's past.. 
Her only purpose by Sarqq

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Looks incredibly cool, i love the composition x)
Sarqq's avatar
:glomp: Thank you!! ~~
Martim's avatar
You are welcome!
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Uma mais destruidora que a outra!

More destructive than the other!
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The-Funerals's avatar
Perfect is not enough word for this shot <3333 I can't stop looking at it! <33
Sarqq's avatar
:'3 Thank you.. honestly, very quick pictures only.. >//< but Gemma is always Gemma~
arienhly's avatar
Amazing wig and such a sad story T^T
Sarqq's avatar
Thanks ^^ very freezy color :) and yeeah.. but luckily now she's treated more like human after some sad years.. she's a runway supermodel now and TV star too, and a lover of famous singer :aww: I don't like role playing too sad and depressing stories...
arienhly's avatar
Good girl, that's how things should be :D
Indeed, life isn't all pink and happy all the time, but everyone deserves a chance :)
Knibitz's avatar
ooooh! her new wig is AMAZING <3 
Sarqq's avatar
if there's wind, even very weak, it's floating everywhere all the time XD I need to carry a brush with her if I take even few shots haha.. Very light fiber but gosh, it's cool color! *o* ebay treasures ;)
Knibitz's avatar
:O is it from ebay?!
Do you mind if I ask what seller?
I always see such pretty wigs on ebay, but I bought a wig from an ebay seller once that was AWFUL, so I've been wary ever since.
Sarqq's avatar
Of course :)…

I have also got very horrible wigs from Ebay but this time, I love this XD worth to take risks sometimes.
Knibitz's avatar
*saves seller* .3. thank you!

back in my pullip days 8D  (eh.. so 2007ish???)  I got a wig from ebay that was just god awful, the bangs were an awkward length and the fibers were soooo stiff! Looked so pretty on the page and even the feedback said that the wigs this person sold were great and soft....  I never bought wigs from ebay ever again X_X  and even now I tend to hesitate buying wigs first hand. I like that second hand I can see the exact wig I'm buying :) but it also means giving up the options I have buying new. >.<
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Thank you so much >3<
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Gemmaaa ;_; Symppis <3 Taas niin kovin kauniina, tuo peruukki kyllä sopii hälle :3 Ja nuo.. Päässä olevat asiat (suomenkielinen sana on nyt taas jotenkin hakusessa.. Cyber headgears, that's what I meant) on mahtavat, näyttävät hyvin tehdyiltä !
Sarqq's avatar
Gemma on symppis bottityttö ;3; se aina vaan katselee että pliiispliispliis osta mulle tavaraa o3o XD Peruukki oli mieluisa ostos, halusin jotain sähäkkää ja muovisen näköistä niin tuollainen sininen saa nyt olla. Ja mäkään en osaa sanoa mikä vois olla suomeksi nuo.. XD jotkut vempaimet, jotka hönösti pyörii jos liian rajusti liikuttaa nukkea (ei niin hyvä jos pitäis olla paikallaan ja ne lähtee valumaan tms XD). Kiitoksia :3 niitä oli kiva tehdä!
Lelahel-Clothes's avatar
she is amazing, this wig is beautiful ! 
Sarqq's avatar
Thank you! :3 sometimes Ebay wigs are better than expected xD
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ashdgsagfdkajhfgakdjhls everything looks good on herrrrrr :love:
much love for Gemma!

and those head thingies look really good! good to know she does have a use for them!
Sarqq's avatar
You think so? xD any other wig color suggestions? I think this blue looks nice with black~ Thanks for Gemma love ; 3 ;
Lyrhiant's avatar
yeshhhh :heart:
mmmm other colors? Maybe a gradient one? from white to black? or any better combination I can't think of? XD
a deep reddish one maybe?
I don't really know, but I always like how grey can be put next to almost anything :)
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