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Witch unicorn



I consider this more of a sketch than a real piece of artwork but I liked the design and colors so might as well post it. My niece babbled something about a witch unicorn so I just HAD to make my own interpretation of it :D The snout is a bit imbalanced but I didn't want to erase the whole thing and I wanted to finish this in time for her. This was a big experiment all around. I experimented with salt (very bad idea, table salt is too fine and gets sucked into the paper), water sprinkles on her fur (worked GREAT!) and also playing with shapes on the mane.

I also edited the colors rather heavily in Photoshop. I didn't have the time to use colored pencil on this so the colors were left really washed out. This also gave me a nice idea about traditional + digital possibilities.

I should do more experimentation like this :)
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