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Fandom Christmas Cards: Downton Abbey

:dummy: Merry Christmas, Hanukkah, or whatever you are celebrating… If you are celebrating at all!
Instead of only sending the regular family cards this year, I decided I want to send some to really super awesome people I met through fandom and art. …After Roz gave me a prompt for Charles and Erik decorating for Christmas and Hanukkah.
And because not everyone, although the majority, I know through fandom is a X-Men fan, I decided to make some cards for other fandoms as well.

Downton Abbey. Jimmy Kent and Thomas Barrow.
Just because they are meant to be, like all my fellow Downtonians agree. B-)

Edit: Oooooohmygosh, the teaser for the Christmas Special!! :la:
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Kayisok's avatar
omg yes!!!!! lovely job<3
xXAli-CatXx's avatar
Yessssssss I love this kind of pose awee
Kaerale's avatar
Thomas/Jimmy! YAY!!!!!!!!!! It's beautiful! It's charming! It's dramatic! It looks amazing in yellow, and even more adorable how you've drawn it! The love note coupled with Jimmy's jaunty footman pose and hair are just damn PERFECT with Thomas's valet style and shyer expression! I love it!!!!!!

And no-one will ever convince me not to believe that they will eventually get together (and that the rather nasty obstacles so far weren't just Mr Fellowes's idea of a very unconventional way to start a love story)
SarlyneART's avatar
Oh man, thanks a lot for that comment! Really makes me happy to read this :la:

I won't say anything about the development of their relationship if you haven't finished season three yet, buuuut let me say that I still believe in a romance ;)
Kaerale's avatar
No, no, tell me! I haven't seen all of season 3, but I've been spoiled so thoroughly that I know everything big that happens with those two ^_^ Not to mention all of Jimmy's actions, body language and contradictory behaviour/words just scream closet case, in my opinion....yours?
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I interprete Jimmy's behaviour in exactly the same way, and I know enough others who do, too. So I'm positive for season four. ;)
Kaerale's avatar
Wonderful! All I want is to see the two of them, in love, being sickeningly sweet, gazing at each other with overwhelming happiness and wonder....^_^

Because Thomas has a fucking amazing smile that he doesn't show even a hundredth as much as he should, and Jimmy needs lots of unabashed romantic joy as well!

What's your best scenario? How do you see Jimmy declaring or showing his love for Thomas in season 4? ^_^

I actually would think that they would never progress beyond friends, but hey, this IS Mr Fellowes we are talking about, and for a while in season 2 I lost hope for Mary/Matthew (even though Lavinia was awesome and sweet ^_^), so maybe love is in store for Thomas and Jimmy as well?

One of the reasons I love this potential couple so much is because all of the other same-sex pairings on TV that I ship have never been acknowledged, and most of the time the show never even admits to possible romantic love,
'because they're both MEN! Can't have gay romance, we'll lose our viewers, because homosexuality will probably be visually and ethically offensive to them!' Which I hate. Or it's a show where the main gay character is the most ridiculous stereotype imaginable, and all of their plotlines is gayangst, which reduces them to 'that token gay' and not a fully rounded individual.

Which is a large part of the reason why I love Thomas; because his story is about anything BUT his homosexuality; instead, it's how he plots to get Bates fired, snarks to William, is a stuck-up bastard who bitches to everyone around him but in reality is not as smart as he thinks he is. It's his snide remarks, his desperation for love, his service as a war medic, his sympathy with Edward Courtenay, his affection for Sybil, his resentment towards O'Brien, his ambition and nastiness and love and cowardice and bravery and wit and GENERAL AWESOMENESS.

Lol, quite a rant. :-P I love that man.
SarlyneART's avatar
"because his story is about anything BUT his homosexuality". Yes to all of what you said, but to this line especially! He's probably one of the very few gay characters on screen whose plot doesn't depend on their sexuality until mid season 3. And that's great, because Fellowes isn't wiggling his finger in front of our noses to give the audience the standard "there is nothing wrong with homosexuality" lecture, a lot of stories have. Of course it's important that we have such stories, because some morons still don't grasp it, but I am happy DA isn't about it (At least not so obviously that it is violently shoved into our faces). However, I remember the ridiculous tendency of the DA fandom (before S3) to accuse Fellowes of homophobia, because Thomas is gay and was considered the "villain" character. Yeah, no, that's so ridiculous, but you could read it in a lot of posts on tumblr .___.

Anyway. I am strongly positive about a Thommy romance in S4 ;) Why? Because 80% of the people in love in Downton do get their happy end. Okay, two of them just died in S3, but that was because the actors wanted to leave, so of course the characters had to be killed off. But Rob and Ed have so much fun in their roles, and it's a huge career bost for both of them as well; I doubt they will leave the show.
And yes, part of me wants a lot of fluffy romance as well, but I'm a bit afraid that Thomas would be too careless about it and that would only lead to their affair being discovered too soon. (Because let's face it; Thomas behaves sometimes amazingly stupid.) I also think that Jimmy needs a lot of time to accept a romantic relationship with a man, so I'd rather see a slow build up from friendship to love during the season, than both of them making out in the cupboard in the beginning of S4. But they can totally make out in the end of S4. And I want a mistletoe kiss in the next Christmas Special! :la:
Kaerale's avatar
Exactly, you’re right! Thomas, as much as we love him, is an arrogant, petty bastard prone to doing stupid things. And if he’d been straight, his story arc would have been just the same until he meets Jimmy. The other servants didn’t resent Thomas because he’s gay, rather, they couldn’t stand him because of how much of a spiteful idiot he could be! So, as you said, he’s Thomas Barrow, and no more ‘the token gay character’ that Lady Mary is ‘the typical, spoiled, aristocratic girl’ ^_^

People considered Mr Fellowes homophobic?! 0_0 That’s so incredibly stupid! I loved Thomas from the moment he appeared on screen, and later because of his depth of character and complex psyche, but most of all his potential for development, which, in my opinion, he always possessed, to a degree that few of the DA characters did. He reminds me of Spike the vampire in Buffy, and Castiel the angel in Supernatural, who both underwent staggering, heartrending character development and psychological change for the better, in the name of love for another person (but in practice because they wanted to change for themselves as well)

Thomas arguably begins to become kinder before he meets Jimmy, but it takes his forced outing to, in a strictly narrative sense, for him to really fully discard some of his uglier/non-admirable qualities and become (narrative-wise) worthy of experiencing love (which can be considered attained in the sense of his friendship with Jimmy, sealed in the s3 CS, but hopefully as mutual romantic love later! ^_^).

Thomas is a bastard, as I see it, because he’d rather have people hate him for that, than get close to people and then later have them hate him for his sexuality. He couldn’t take having people he cares about think badly of him for that, so he tries to make damn sure that he doesn’t form bonds with others to begin with. Thomas has never been a villain. To be sure, he has been a real asshole at times (towards Bates, William, Daisy etc). That can’t be denied. But that behaviour were mostly in s1, and by s2 he’d progressed to simply the arrogant bastard attitude without the actual nasty acts. By s3, he softens even more.

The one thing I have trouble getting past is the midnight kiss. I know the risks of talking that Thomas outlined to Carson, but it’s really hard to justify it, because Jimmy was asleep, and he and Thomas weren’t in a romantic relationship. And, unfortunately, a lot of watchers I know consider it sexual assault, which I think is oversimplifying-but even so-Thomas, you IDIOT!!!

But I completely agree with the Thomas/Jimmy storyline, and I love the idea. ^_^ Something I’ve noticed about Thomas, is that he’s really nasty to people he dislikes/hates, but the people he cares about/respects, he actually treats them the opposite way- (I don’t really count O’Brien so much-I don’t believe she is out for anything more than who she can use for her own advantage.) but with the Duke, Edward Courtenay, Sybil, Jimmy, Mrs Hughes-it’s so different! ^_^
I think that, regarding romance, rather than being a manipulative snarker (as he has been so much in s1 and s2) Thomas would actually be a very kind, loving and devoted partner. I also think that it would do him good to HAVE someone to love-he’d be much happier, and he is in desperate need of the good, happy-making feelings that stem from positive bonds.

As Daisy’s s2 arc indicates, it’s important to be special to someone/have someone to be special to you, because it’s human nature, in whatever type of relationship, to want to experience mutual love. Loneliness leads to bitterness, resentment, hatred, psychological hardness and other rather nasty things. Love, on the other hand; ‘the more you give away, the more you have’, as was proverbially said!
Kaerale's avatar
I want so badly, in season 4, for Thomas and Jimmy to become closer and closer as only friends at first, until Jimmy realises that he is very capable of falling in love with a man, and has done so with Thomas, almost without noticing. ^_^

Ensure lots of 'will I-won't I?' in the poor footman's head until extreme circumstances cause him to impulsively kiss Thomas, and they become a private couple, with both of them happier than they have ever been, smiling all the time, and nobody can figure out the cause of the constant state of uplifting joy that surrounds them both. ^_^ But especially Thomas! I want him to be happy so badly...
Eldr-Fire's avatar
Wow, this is cool! You did a great job of capturing their faces.

Interesting couple choice! My family mostly thinks that Jimmy is secretly gay, but he's so mean to Thomas that I think Thomas deserves someone better! That's why I'm hoping that in season four Thomas can be a good influence on Jimmy now that they're friends. If Thomas can bring out a nicer side of Jimmy, then I think they have quite the chemistry and could be a good couple! :D

I know you didn't ask for opinions, but a lot of people here in the US haven't seen season three, so it's fun to talk to someone who has! This is a really cool picture, and one of the best fanart I've seen of Thomas! He seems to be a tricky one to get right, but I really like how you drew him here.
SarlyneART's avatar
Thanks a lot for your comment! :D
It's true that I have quite trouble drawing Thomas' face, too. Most of the time I stare angry at the screen and curse the beautiful anatomy of his face for giving me so much frustration.
I agree with your family that Jimmy is deep in the closet, and I hope for a romance in S4. ...After all the people dying this season, we need some happy couples again, lol.
And no, I didn't ask explicitly for any opinions, but I'm always interested in hearing some. Outside the internet I barely have anyone to talk to about my fandoms, so.... :la:
Eldr-Fire's avatar
Agreed! It's time that Thomas finally get some love. It would be pretty cool, if Jimmy were into Thomas, if there were a love triangle... make Jimmy actually work for Thomas's love! Heh heh heh. However, even if he and Jimmy don't have a romance, I really like that they're friends now. That was a great scene!!
SarlyneART's avatar
I don't need a love triangle for them, this show already had so many of them :D
I'd rather like to see Jimmy doing something for Thomas and then realize: "I can't deny any longer that I'm gay. ...Oh well!"

But I agree that it is already awesome that they agreed to be friends. Thomas needed a friend so much; the happy look on his face, when Jimmy said Yes. No matter how much I love RobertxCora, JimmyxTHomas or EdithxGregson, my favourite pairing will always be ThomasxHappiness :XD:
Eldr-Fire's avatar
ThomasxHappiness... I LIKE THAT! I like that a lot! :D
Reality-Rebel's avatar
This is lovely! =3
Secretly I hope Jimmy and Thomas will hit it off in series 4 or something...I mean, Thomas is so kind and innocent now, he deserves someone/some love :icondragonxpplz:
SarlyneART's avatar
Thank you! :3
I totally agree with you on Thomas' love life. About time he gets someone :heart:
GhirahimsRemlit's avatar
yayayayaayay it's also good to see deviants I know in the comments section and charles and erik in the description!!!! The xmas promo argghhhhh suspension!!!!
SarlyneART's avatar
:icondummylaplz: The promo is killing me! Still almost two weeks left.
sparrowcrazy's avatar
That's so cute. :D Anyone else who suspects Jimmy is hiding in the closet? He's just too... obvious. :P

I like them... but I sort of ship Tom and Jack Harkness:P
SarlyneART's avatar
Yes, a lot of people think Jimmy is hiding so deep in it that he is probably from Narnia :D I really hope that he will be the person Thomas is finally happy with.

Tom and Jack? Lol, nice. How did you get that idea? XD
sparrowcrazy's avatar
Mwahaha, hopefully he'll freeze too much and come out then. :P

Oh idk.. I just wanted to write a Downton/Doctor who fanfiction and thought it would be a perfect match. :P Can you imagine the uproar Jack would make coming to Downton.. I think Carson would flip. :XD:
SarlyneART's avatar
Oh, you have written it, then? May I have the link? :eager:
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