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'That Brat' Walkthrough - READ ACs

This is the walkthrough for this:
For my full painting tutorial, please see here:

1. Sketch.
Straightforward enough. I had glasses in the sketch but I erased them because I didn't end up painting them. I didn't include details like eyelashes in the sketch.

2. Colour Blocking.
Vague splashing on of sort of skin tones and hoping for the best.

3. Blending
It looks like a big leap but it's really not. Just take a big, soft brush on a low opacity and keep one finger on alt all the time XD Work quickly to blend and it comes together really nicely.

4. Some Detail Definition
Starting to form where the eyes will be. I took a hard brush in a dark colour and defined the nose and the mouth a little more.

5. Eyes and Lips
Eyes take ages but they're really fun and you can basically do whatever the hell you want with them and they'll come out nice XD It doesn't matter if you do eyes "wrong" it'll look like a style thing. Lips are hard. I kind of make it up as I go with lips.

6. Basic Hair
I used three colours in varying brush sizes and opacities to form the basic shapes of the hair. I worked on about five layer for this. A section for her fringe, and one for the bangs in front of her ears, one for over her shoulder, one for the back and one for the back back (for depth's sake).

7. Detailing Hair Part 1
I did two things here. One was take some smaller brushes in lighter colours and do loads of little strands for detail and to make it look a bit more realistic. The other was to take a large, soft brush and a medium hard one in a dark colour and start to block in some shadows to stop the hair looking flat, like it's on one layer.

8. Detailing Hair Part 2
Teeny tiny brush in a near-white colour at a high opacity, and a shitload of strands. Also I did the highlights.

9. Finishing Hair
Doesn't look like I did much here. I gave the back layer a 5px Gaussian blur and the back back layer an 8px Gaussian blur. Then I got the history brush (save regularly and reopen so you can incorporate the history brush into your painting!) on a hard seting but low opacity and slightly erased some of the blurring. This is so that the focus is shifted so rather than the whole picture is in clear focus, you're directed straight to her face. It's a silly little trick but I love it.

10. Shading the Face (Again)
I took a dark colour and added some more shadows onto the face. This includes the ones cast but the hair and deepening some of the others to add detail like around the eyes and nose.

11. Highlights
I picked really yellowy ones because I usually go for blue and she's surrounded by golden hair in golden light and it just seemed nice. A few highlights around the corners of the eyes and on the nose make all the difference in the world.

12. Feature Detailing
Added fweckles (bad ones), highlights in the eyes and did some colour adjustments on the cheeks and nose to make them pinker and cuter and whatnot.

13. Finishing.
Various overlay layers and level adjustments and blurs and opacities and whatnot to make it all shiny and golden and pretty.

Now I need to sleep. It's 2.15AM.
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This is really insightful!
OmNomTheChocoLover's avatar
I'd really like to thank you for this tutorial. Like wow, this is amazing okay? Your'e really detailed with explaining your process of CG art. And thanks to you my art has improved. I'm still a bit confused on hair, but I guess it's something I'll be able to get through in time. Do you add the details to the lightest parts of the hair?
DaiSanVisART's avatar
why you are so awesome?
JudgeXIII's avatar
this is a fantastic tutorial thank you!
Alahmara's avatar
what program do you use to paint???
Sarky-Sparky's avatar
Alahmara's avatar
is it a custom brush or... O.O
(questions questions)
Sarky-Sparky's avatar
Nah, just the defaults. I use the hard pressure size brushes for sketching and details like eyelashes and eyes and nostrils etc, and the pressure opacity brushes (hard and soft and everything inbetween)for blending :3 That's ok, I don't mind the questions XD
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Seeing the progression of pictures from start to finish is always an interesting process, especially on pictures as pretty as this. :D
Sarky-Sparky's avatar
Aww, thanks ^^ I love progress pictures. It's fascinating seeing how other people work and I like to look back at my own too and see pieces coming together.
Chay18's avatar
Wow! when I saw the first pic I thought it was anime not that amazing painting! Really nice! I was hoping you would explain the color blocking thing but I guess you just have to have the heart to do it lol
Sarky-Sparky's avatar
Well, what would you like to know about the blocking part? I'd be happy to talk you through it :)
Chay18's avatar
Thank you! My main doubt is how to choose the color range. I want it to look natural and nice. Even if the character has a weird skin color I just don't know how decide the colors and do the second step you did. Although I think what I need is more practice I find step #2 kind of hard.

Thank for your help! :)
Sarky-Sparky's avatar
Weeell, that's definitely the kind of thing that takes practice to develop your judgement and see what works. Personally, I have a general rule when it comes to palettes.

I usually have about 8 colours on my skin palette:
1 base colour (mine often tend to be pale, and more yellow than pink)
4 shadows (usually in slightly blue-tinged hues, the last shadow is drastically darker than the others)
2 highlights (one very light blue, one very light yellow)
2 toning colours (an orange and a pink to give the skin life)

At the blocking stage, I only splash on the base tone, the first three shadows and some toning colours. Absolutely no darkest shadows and no highlights at this point because I use those for detailing and this is just to form shapes.

Some tips are: never use pure black and never use pure white on skin. Pure while highlights look washed out and bland and pure black shadows just looks silly.
Also, the most common msitake I see with beginning painters (like, everyone seems to be guilty of this, myself included XD) is that they aren't brave enough with the shadows. They're pale, close to the skin tone and barely visible. It ends up being pointless and just isn't realistic.

And the good thing is this kind of rule does apply to characters who, as you say, have weird skin colours XD It's good method for natural light anyway. In coloured or more dramatic light, the rules change but that's the basics anyway. Or at least how I do them.

I hoped something in that waffly nonsense was helpful to you XD I do have a proper tutorial in my gallery somewhere that might help too. It has links to better ones XD
Chay18's avatar
Thanks again! This surely helps and yeah I need to practice A LOT, but i will get there... eventually...I hope xD
soydiota-pah's avatar
Step-by-step, awesome result.
Sarky-Sparky's avatar
zmote's avatar
Nice tutorial.
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