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De Vil Woman
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Published: April 15, 2012
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The tutorial!

Download for sexytime old lady details.

So yeah, I devoted like three days to painting Cruella (funky Disney, not sexy Glenn Close) to get out of my NOTHINGISCOMINGOUTRIGHT stage.

On the whole, I like it. I like the coat and the face but the dress gave me hell so we'll pretend it's not there. I'm considering cropping it again but I'm not sure...

EDIT 3/5/2012: A huge thank you to everyone who critiqued me as part of the Fan Art Critique Chat event yesterday. You were all very helpful! I'm still open for more critiques on this if anyone has any.

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Connan-Bell Traditional Artist
Hey, if that doesn't scare you, no evil thing will.
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lovemypunkin7Student General Artist
yuck i hate her!
Sarky-Sparky's avatar
Sarky-SparkyHobbyist Digital Artist
My drawing or the character?
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ZDForrestHobbyist General Artist
Awesomely done!!
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SweetDinahStudent General Artist
Wow. Scaring. I love it ! :D
Sarky-Sparky's avatar
Sarky-SparkyHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks XD
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tcwouaHobbyist Digital Artist
Congratulations! Your entry has been level up to amazing gallery at :iconbestdrawings: keep up the good work! :dance:
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Awesome and fantasic one of Cruella here
Sarky-Sparky's avatar
Sarky-SparkyHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you ^^
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I really like your interpretation of this character, especially how you portrayed her "as a woman fighting her natural aging". Very detailed, especially the coat and her hair. I also checked out the tutorial and I quite liked it. There is just one thing bugging me a bit. In the sketch of her body everything was perfect - the pose, the expression. But in the finished painting there's something off with the shading on her legs - it looks like they're facing the observer, whereas her upper body is more to the side. In the sketch though her whole body is positioned to the side. I hope you can see what I'm trying to say and consider it just constructive criticism. All in all, great job!
Sarky-Sparky's avatar
Sarky-SparkyHobbyist Digital Artist
Absolutely, I noticed that myself but by that point I'd had such hell with the dress (which I think is where I lost a lot of the shape), I really wasn't in the mood to redo it again. Sheer laziness and I should correct it. Thank you for the constructive criticism. You're absolutely right, of course, I just hoped I could get away with her twisting her torso at the waist or something but it's been bugging me too XD
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MissTooniProfessional Filmographer
First off, after my first attempt at digital painting I have even MORE respect for how much time and effort you put into these. Your color choices, dramatic lighting and shading... Your light sources always look so dynamic and awesome, whereas I have trouble just deciding where the light would be/should be hitting.

That coat alone is magnificent! So finely detailed~ But I must say my favorite part is the cigarette silhouette, it's just gorgeous (and I love the look of long cigarettes, it always reminds me of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's).

I would love to say more, but the level of awesome is overloading my computer and making it run slow (although that's probably just because my computer sucks), so I think I'll leave it at that. I always look forward to seeing your art~
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Sarky-SparkyHobbyist Digital Artist
Ooh, you finished it? I didn't see it in my devWATCH. I shall go have a look in a minute.

Thank you ^^ I choose dramatic light because I actually find it SO much easier to paint than... non-dramatic light. I think the drama means there's a lot more contrast in the picture which makes it a) more interesting to look at and b) it makes it much easier to define the shapes and choose where the light should be hitting when you have a broader palette. This might help you: [link] - as for where it should go, I reference this when I practice a lot. And sometimes, like this one, I just make crap up and hope for the best.

Holly Golightly owns the cigarette holder, doesn't she? Not my favourite Hepburn movie (accent drove me crazy) but the Golightly image is all over my bedroom XD
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MissTooniProfessional Filmographer
Yeah! It's titled Go Green. I'm working on another speedpaint now, think I'm learning more of the SPEED part of it xD

That totally makes sense to me, I think I'm just so... safe? I'm afraid of doing dramatic lighting, even if it is easier, because I worry that the more dynamic it is the easier it'll be for me to mess it up... Making stuff up makes sense, though xDD

Most definitely... and I agree with you, it's definitely not my favorite Hepburn film, but it's definitely one of her more iconic characters xD Aside from My Fair Lady, maybe...
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Sarky-SparkyHobbyist Digital Artist
Ok, I've got a few bits of yours open in tabs and I need to get my arse into gear and COMMENT before I do anything else. Yeah, it gets easier and faster the more you practice XD Everything takes me ages though, unless it's one of my ones where it's a really random colour combination. Those only take a few hours.

Everyone is like that to begin with, aren't they? Best advice I ever got was "never be afraid to be dramatic with your colors," and she was totally right. Otherwise it looks so flat and I'm like, well what was the point in even shading it then when you can hardly see the difference? So I started going crazy and never looked back XD Problem is, I tend to go overboard XD But that's the beauty of digital painting; You have layers and Ctrl+Z and history brushes so you can always undo things if you mess up. Or correct the colours layer on in Adjustments. And endless resources to reference and learn from. Painting experiments are fun. But it's an indivdual thing, isn't it? I always wanted to be an anime artist and draw those beautiful, neat soft-cell anime pictures when I was younger but I was completely incapable of doing that and automatically veered towards the painting and semi-realism... anyway, I'm sorry, I'm ranting.

I freaking love My Fair Lady. The cockney was on par with Dick Van Dyke's, and there was the whole Marni Nixon thing (déja vu? have we had this conversation before?) but it will always be my favourite film of hers. What's yours?
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MissTooniProfessional Filmographer
Haha, well take your time, I'm a patient person~ And yeah, my friend said if I want to actually challenge myself to get faster I should set a time limit for myself and stop after that, whether I finish or not. I'm sure it doesn't work for everyone, but she said that's how she trained herself to paint faster XD

That's great advice! I mean, I love lots of colors, I think my problem is just deciding what colors to use for shadows and whatnot. Like, sometimes I think I don't pick different enough colors, but other times I feel like "this doesn't look like a good color for a shadow"? I use the adjustments SO much for colors xD And I know, I felt the same way, but now looking at soft-cell anime art I just feel like "this seems so lackluster" but then I have trouble NOT doing that... hmm... xD

Oh, definitely! And yeah, we did, in notes because I said when I was working at the video store no one believed me when I told them it wasn't Audrey Hepburn singing... And I think it's actually my favorite film of hers, too, because I don't remember enough of any of the others... xD
Sarky-Sparky's avatar
Sarky-SparkyHobbyist Digital Artist
That's a very sensible trick to do indeed. Sadly, it doesn't work for me. I've tried that several times and can never stick to it. But I'm horrible with deadlines. If you're good at working towards a goal and disciplined, it'd probably work better XD Considering you completed a uni course, those are probably strengths of yours right?

Yeah, I wing it and get it wrong half the time XD Mostly I look at tutorials and other people's work and see what they're doing. Generally I have a theme and pick from opposite ends of the colour wheel. Like if the dominant colour of my light is yellow, I'll pick shadows that have a blue/purple hue to them to contrast with it. Or in this case, the light was blue so I went with red/purple shadows. And the darkest colour I pick always matches the light for some reason. Usually, I get Luke to pick a random colour, use his suggestion as my light and then go from there XD

That's it, I remember that now XD There was another one of hers I loved. It was a comedy and black and white but I can't remember what it was called or any of what happened.
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MissTooniProfessional Filmographer
I don't think it will work for me, either, but I'm willing to try it. My problem is I get so absorbed in what I'm working on that I forget all about time and then I check the clock and HOURS have passed out of nowhere xD And you'd think they'd be strengths, but time management has ALWAYS been a weakness of mine, so... eheheheh...

And yeah, that makes a lot of sense, I think I need to try blending colors more to get those good shadows, right now I sort of pick a color and go and I feel like it might not be as effective... Ahaha I always ask people for color ideas, too... I'm really indecisive when it comes to color, so that doesn't help with picking shadows and stuff...

The only other movie I remember by title is Funny Face but I don't remember anything else about it besides her having a black turtleneck and black straight-leg jeans... xDD
Sarky-Sparky's avatar
Sarky-SparkyHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh yeah, that makes sense. I just have a low boredom threshold and tend to wander off into something else XD You never seemed too bad with time management to me though XD But yeah, it's always worth a try. But maybe practice more techniques and developing your own painting style first before pressuring yourself more with a time limit?

That's the sucky thing, isn't it? XD Decision making. I think it gets easier after you've made the decision for the BG colour and the light source colour, as the shadows for the rest of the subjects pick themselves depending on what method/theory you go for. All the whole hue/saturation rule (which I failed horribly at), the warm/cold rule, the complimentary rule... But totally, it's just making those first decisions that are hard XD I'm so bad at that too. I want to enter this colour contest, but I've been staring at the lines for like four hours and looking at other people's entries finding it impossible to pick ANYTHING.

Oh yeah, I definitely remember that look XD Awful angelic cow. So jelly.
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BlackInfinity666 Traditional Artist
Oh wow that's really good, I totally love the texture here and the way you colored this is great~ Nice work~
Sarky-Sparky's avatar
Sarky-SparkyHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks ^^
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JimmyHedgehogHobbyist Digital Artist
Now there's a character I haven't seen in a while XD I really like it, the face really gives and shows a lot of character, and the lighting on it really works considering who it is.

I can really see why you like the coat, as I say it looks fantastic. Really detailed in my opinion and it really shows, and I really love the colouring and shading of it too. I'm also really liking the outline on the darker side of the picture, really adds to it as a whole.

With the dress, I personally like it too, and while it's not the part that stands out most it still brings the whole thing together and I genuinely feel you still did a good job with it, especially considering the slump/"nothing's coming out right" stage that you are/were in.

So as for the piece as a whole, I love it, and while she may not be a character I personally favour too much I really do like your interpretation of her. Also, I like the name for the deviation XD
Sarky-Sparky's avatar
Sarky-SparkyHobbyist Digital Artist
ohai =3 Yeah, you don't see a whole lot of love for Cruella. Personally I prefer the Glenn Close version but that's because I love Glenn Close.

But yeah, I was stuck and in a rut and someone linked me to their gallery where they'd drawn her and I was like YES! OLD LADY. FUR. UNFAMILIAR TERRITORY. I'll DO it! And it was fun, and I think really helped me develop techniques for skin and hair.

Aww, thanks for being so nice about the dress XD That's sweet of you.
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