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First sunrise in Hildorien

When the first of first Men woke up, it was in the land of Hildórien, behind the Mountains of the Wind. They saw the first sunrise, which appeared not in the east, but in the west, and their hearts were after this day always heading there. 

It is not sure if Hildórien was still surrounded by mountains in the 1st age, when men came to life. It's sure that Hildórien was further to the north than before, in the old days, in which it was situated on the equator. I believe there still were some mountains and men had to overcome them to get into their "safe" land, Beleriand.

Watercolours on A3, also black and white chalks, which I needed for atmosphere corrections :) 

This is another quick painting, so it's not been very elaborated
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greetings from caspar david friedrich, haha...

i just discover your adorable works and i´m plainly fascinated! bravo...

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I always love the immensity of your landscapes, and how you place the characters much smaller within them. Lee doe that lot, and it makes M-e speak for itself. Wonderful as ever, I especially like the mist in the mid-range :) :)
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Haha I liked this piece so much I came back to comment without realising I'd already done so 😂😁
SarkaSkorpikova's avatar
Thank you for an interesting and heartwarming comment! :) I  like painting landscapes as the main matter. 
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Yes you can see that. By the way, I have two comment threads on this work because I came back and commented on it again without even realising a did so once before :lol::doh:
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I love this! Your mountains have an evocative shape and textures as the man contemplates the journey ahead.
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Thank you! This is exactly what I wanted to paint! :) Emoticon: Bow 
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Ah always nice to be speculative with such scenes is it not? ;) I agree, this is so atmospheric, there is that vastness to your M-e landscapes which ensures that Tolkien's world seems real and present. What paper do you use? It's always so very smooth but never wrinkled, so I'm curious :D
SarkaSkorpikova's avatar
I love that there can be so many speculations about Tolkien :) You're right, it makes Arda very real :) 
I like A3 blocks of 20 papera with glued edges, price is medium. It's truly not much wrinkled - i like painting lots of details so I use about 230 grammage and not handmade. Handmade only for freely made landscapes where I need my colours to make effects, like Pelóri
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Why not handmade? What's the connection between that and the fact you make a lot of details? :)
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Hoohoo, answering after 4 years! :aww: :))
Now I can say I tried lots of various grammage and surfaces and what I like the best is anything with high grammage...The surface does not matter so much, because I like when the paper is creating the painting with me. However, when painting detailed faces or bodies, fine surface structure is necessary. 
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Very nice atmosphere!
PrinceSsCarmilla's avatar
It's amazing how you create an atmosphere and with it bring dimension and life...just stunning! :clap: :love:
SarkaSkorpikova's avatar
I'm so fascinated by Tolkien that I love bringing his thought so life :) Thank you, dear! :heart: :dance:
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Moc pěkné!
Kombinace kříd a vodovek mě nikdy nenapadla
SarkaSkorpikova's avatar
ty křídy vážně občas zachrání hodně :) Děkuji!
AenagGaz's avatar
někdy to vyzkouším (:
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Wow! How do you do it? I love the mist :) Beautiful! 
SarkaSkorpikova's avatar
It simply appears, I mean the colours do what they wand and sometimes I have to use pastels or chalks to correct, but I love this kind of working on it :)
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Krásné, ty siluety fungují skvěle. :-)
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