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Map of Clichea

A map based on fantasy tropes that pokes a little fun at unoriginal map makers.
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That's very clever. Very well made, too.

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:D ”A” Dark Tower... Yes, they’ll soon begin to pile up and crowd...

About the Unlikely Hero (very likely a simple peasant that will master wizardry, fencing and dragonriding by the third chapter...), I’m afraid that will have no chance, and that Clichèa is lost in the Mediochre Zone of the Multiverse... forever. Not your map, that it’s fantastic, of course!

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great work especially for those sharp coast lines

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I like how the Norse aspects are just slightly misspelled

Dianna Wynne Jones would be proud!

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Very funny yet oddly endearing, as cliched as it is it's nice to have vikings and elves and never-ending whirlpools in the same world.

Nice quick guide of tropes to, not necessarily avoid, but to keep in mind when making your own fantasy map :D

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Agreed.  I think people sometimes get too worked up about or obsessed with so-called "cliches", forgetting that there is no such thing as 100% original, and that many of these "cliches" can be found in some of the most popular Fantasy series of all time. I generally feel that its not the trope, but how you use it. That said, it definitely pays to try to put a fresh spin on old ideas if you can. 
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Oh you missed out!
You forgot to shape this as a slightly edited version of an earth map! Also you need a dark portal of doom and the gates of hell XD. Also a Shangri-La in the elf place. Also a shire and amazon land island / barbabaria. Also a big Asian china with super cliche stereotypes with kungfu and samurai and dumb anime tropes like naruto running and child-man heroes with angsty-edgy-man frenemy. Also if you are an asian mmo themed world have pedophile inspired loly race that is clearly modeled from a 12 year old girl but the basement warriors say the lore as they are like 10,000 years old yet are still retarded like a 12 year old. Also have the humans also be as smart as the ancient races even though the immortals would have literal thousands of years more mastery over the humans and some how everyone speaks the same language in-spite of the lack of modern communication XD.

Also all the humans and 'good' guys are pure good and the bad guys are pure evil, no grey space. Also the Human capital has the chosen one and the big bad land has the arch evil villain with no realistic motive rather these things happen because reasons. Also travel is not discuses and people walk thousands of miles with thousands of pounds yet gain no muscle and get to their destinations as convenient as a modern plane or car with paved roads yet none of these things exist en route to the big bad land of doom. Mention of supply lines and real war logistics is illogically taboo and never even thought of XD. Also you need state borders that make no sense are in dumb shapes only creations from digital drawing means like exactly straight, 90 degree or weird shapes like stars and hearts XD. Also have biomes that make no planetary sense like a random dessert where it should be green, an ice place in the middle of the planet beside a fire lands, a lake biome in the mountains that would NEVER drain itself even though it is three miles above sea level XD. The the lake biome with dumb islands like a sword or star or cross and a bunch of weird shapes in side each other and it is a 'nature occurrence' XD. Also lots of squares and 90 degree angles and floaty rocks and islands with super wizards in a 'not dalaran / DnD copy and paste' city with super plot armour where the master / astrology people live with point hats and stars and moons on their pajamas and flying carpets XD.

Also if you are a deprived 38-year old man child have races of furry and humanized unicorns that is over sexualized and filled with westernized version of the loly race tropes on island(s) that are really dumb looking (exact heart shape for example). Then of course all the women have tits larger than their heads and also go to battle (all the time the same as men because reasons) with plate bikinis and retarded over sized 10 foot long blunt magic sci-fi swords and never face reality of realistic warfare with such 'questionable' get-up XD. If you feel adventurous add a water world inspire from zoras and aquaman the rip off all of the dc and marvel style astro-galactic forces and make near copies and call them the gods / super heroes. If you are really deprived add soon to be dated trends like thanos, shrek, sonic and anything else copied exactly from pop culture like this world XD…
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So clichea...I get it Garnet Laugh 
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I like it so much I'd even pay you to make me something similar for my campaign.
Kazzakrad is a pretty badass name. What does it mean? Mountain Death Viking Metal?
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i know its a joke but i like it unironically
:-) AWESOME!!! TAKES First Place for Parody!! ":-)
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Good for a laugh.
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The only thing that could make this more cliché is if it had the big ocean to the west instead of south.
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You flip this horizontally and you pretty much have my campaign map.
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I love it. Great job.
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I would actually use this if the words weren't on there, as hilarious as it is.
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is this possible to use this pic and change names for a rpg forum ? **
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Thanks for making this, so I know what to steer away from :D
Not gonna lie 'Vikingheim" and "Mount Death" had me laughing.
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Too. Fucking. Accurate. Seriously, this is one of the best things ever!
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