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Hi all,

After pondering about it for a very long time I have now added custom dolls done by me on the page. I started making them about a year ago when I hurt my knee very badly and was stuck at home sitting for months. I tried drawing first but I simply couldn't concentrate enough with the pain so the dolls brought me a welcome distraction from it all. And I learned that I really loved it. I have kept doing it ever since as it relaxes me. It is the one thing I do solely for myself and hence has no pressure. As with everything else I thrive to get better at this but there is no real direction to it like lets say my painting or coloring comics. This I can hardly turn into a job from a hobby so it will stay as such. I have been getting quite a few questions about selling by customs but at least for now I make the dolls just for my own joy and they all stay with me. Although at this rate I might have to sell some of these at some point just for them to fit in apartment :D 

Mainly I wrote this for all of you out there not interested in dolls but following my account for paintings or comics. To soothe your minds that yes I will still keep doing mainly those so don't get anxious of the piles of dolls suddenly thrown at you :) I just started coloring a new comics for the super talented Daniel Thollin (of Theo and 1000 ögon fame) of which I'll be posting ages here as soon as I can. Sadly my paintings of late have been for work and I doubt they'd interest anyone other then the customers so I won't be posting them here. But as I just started my summer vacation, you'll no doubt soon be seeing more of those too.

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Now some asshat is selling my painting of Loki as a photo (dude, seriously not that photo-realistic) in Ebay…. They've had Tom Hiddleston sign it and put it up for sale. Such sweeties... So in the next day or two I will be forced to add a water stamp of some sort to all my work. I hate doing that but this is getting so ridiculous with all the stealing that my hands are tied.

Also a great big thank you to all of you who reported the last thief! He/she was blocked from DevArt due to all of you wonderful people. Big virtual kisses to all of you!

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I haven't spent much time here lately, due to hurting my knee really badly 3 or so months ago. I am already able to spend a few hours by the computer every day to do my job but after that I mostly just spend my day on the couch with my leg up as it still hurts like a [add curseword of choice here]. But today I decided to check what is up in DevArt.
Imagine my horror when the first thing I find is a message from the super kind ~hans-sachs letting me know that someone has posted my art as their own…. I am simply furious about this. And it's not even the first time. This is now the 3rd time this year that something similar has happened. But this is the first time they do it as blatantly. The image still even has my signature in it but still the new "artist" has stated how they, quote: "Never get tired of drawing Sherlock Holmes! He has such a unique face!". WELL DRAW IT YOURSLEF THEN MATE AND DON'T STEAL OTHER PPL'S WORK!

I have obviously reported a violation but this still managed to totally ruin my day. I do not understand what anyone can get out of something like this.
Thank you so much for all of your lovely comments everyone! And ofcourse for checking out my gallery! I will answer the notes about coloring things and so on as soon as I find the time but I'm currently making my thesis so that's pretty much eating up all my time at the moment. So please don't feel unappriciated or blown off if it takes me quite some time to answer!

I'm the artist for Europe's biggest free Scifi-/Animecon this year which is a wonderful thing to do but also takes up a lot of work. I'll start posting that stuff and others as soon as I can :)

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I'm really bummed I haven't had time to thank all of you for the fav's and watches! Means a lot to me! I've just been super busy with my thesis, job and well, life in general.

But really, thank you! It makes me super happy to notice that so many people have liked my work and a lot of you have also found your way to my blog through here. You guys really rock!
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So I just updated my blog with info about things I'm doing at the moment. Coloring two different comics at the moment and am totally stoked about it! Go check out my blog for more info!…
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Okay so I already posted this in the piece I colored from Kenneth Rocafort which can be found here but I'm so excited that I have to add it here too. I'm a huuuge fan of Kenneth Rocaforts work, have been for quite some time so as he today posted on my blog to comment on the coloring I did of his pencils my brain pretty much melted :D

If I can't get a permission to begin with I always try to get in touch with the original artist when coloring their stuff before I post anything. It is pretty much impossible with the bigger names(I wouldn't mind getting in touch with Adam Hughes though ;)) but then I always make sure they have been okay with people doing it before. I feel very strongly that the piece is always the original artists, not the inkers or mine. Obviously we have rights to our versions but the original is still the original.

With the Rocafort piece I colored I posted in his blog that I have colored it and put it in my blog but that I'll take it down if it's not ok. My blog has like 5 readers so I didn't feel like making a huge crime but it was still his work :) As the days passed I kinda gave up and already posted the pic here too thinking that ok, as he has been okay with it in the past from seeing other fans work he's probably ok with this one too. I thought someone just might answer me at some point but I had no idea he'd do it himself and scared the life out of my bf and cats by letting out a very girly scream when reading it(and I'm really not the screaming type) and am still in a total fangirl meltdown :D

Okay I don't even have a point here anymore other than eeep so I'm guessing it's the right time to stop writing :D But yeah, the blog and the post can be found here…
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So I finally got around to start a blog. Or gave up might be a better expression. I work as a freelance web designer so it is really embaressing that I can't seem to find the time to code a page for myself :D  
Oh well, maybe some day, but until that you can find me here: