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Skyward Sword Alphabet Chart - Updated 2 Jan. 2012

By Sarinilli
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The alphabet is now complete! Filled in the graph with the proper characters. If you want a simple chart for translating stuff in the game or to use as a reference you can print this out.

If you want to type your own Hylian, the font is here:

This is the most complete, most accurate chart mapping the new symbols in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

This is uploaded as a resource as it's meant to be used as a translation key for the new "Ancient Hylian" from Skyward Sword. Feel free to print it and share it, but please link back to me here if you use it on another site. uploading elsewhere is allowed as long as you link back to me.
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sapphirewolfeyes's avatar
Do you know if this kind of Hylian is read left to right or right to left?
Sarinilli's avatar
It's left to right like the roman alphabet. 
Justaco's avatar
Does anyone have the Hylian transcription of the text on the Skyward Sword?  I would like to make the Sword, but want to make it as accurate as possible.
Sarinilli's avatar
What do you mean transcription on the sword? To my knowledge, there is no text ON the sword it's self. o.o
Zeldalover2001's avatar
I'm learning to write in Hylian now! I write the alphabet then 'by (my name)' on a giant whiteboard!
LunaeZomi's avatar
Oh geez. Oh my. I've looking for this forever.
Sarinilli's avatar
Well I'm glad you finally found it then! Don't forget to download the font too if you want it.
And lol, there's no need to call me ma'am. It's all good. :3
KooboriSapphire's avatar
A beautiful alphabet to the greatest Zelda game ever made! Wonderful job! I'll definitely use this.
lol222233's avatar
but what about the hylian writing in zelda TP??
Sarinilli's avatar
I'm not the one who made the fonts for the TP Hylian. If you don't have the font(s) for it, you can get what you like on Zelda Universe. [link]
Jurnalicious's avatar
Thats so cool!! But K & E and P & T are the same :/ But thanks this is so cool!!
Sarinilli's avatar
Blame Nintendo for that one, that's how they are in the game. Check the description for the font if you want more info on it.
Jurnalicious's avatar
Ohh okay thanks!!!
Sarinilli's avatar
No problem! And if you want a version that's not repeating characters, check out the "Full" version rework. :3
Jurnalicious's avatar
Also a few others :/ but this is still epic!!
Sarinilli's avatar
Don't forget to check out the font(s) if you think the chart's that cool! ^~
Yan-ryu's avatar
this is so cool! I'm going to use this in my tattoo design, so if I wanted to write "zelda" I would just use the corresponding symbol in your chart....seems so simple lol. Thanks for this :) x
Sarinilli's avatar
You can use the font, too. Just make sure you get the one linked in the description if you want it to be game accurate. :3
bubbigorawr's avatar
._. etoo....the z and o r the same... but great work :D
Sarinilli's avatar
Thanks so much for like, reading the description. :D

If you don't like it, don't blame me...Nintendo halfassed their game version. Check MY version of you want a better, full, alphabet that isn't repeating characters. ^^
Cuccoinabottle's avatar
why are some of the sypols the same for certain letters (i'm so confuzed)
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