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SariF Hylian Modern Alphabet Font

♥ This alphabet is an adaption for my Hylian Language Project! ♥

April 08 2017:
Few updates with this font finally... it isn't a mandatory update, but I HIGHLY recommend getting the newest version!
• Polished it up so it should work better in all browsers.
• Updated the pdf help file so it's easier to use.
• Updted the font name to conform to a new standard.
• Added some extra goodies for more modern usage!

Thank you and enjoy the font! ♥

July 08 2014: Here we go again with fixes and updates... sorry guys, I keep doing this to you! I went and fixed some issues in ALL my fonts Also got pdf updates for all of them as well! I added some additional punctuation to this one in particular, so now it has the same punctuation and fun stuff that my Ancient Hylian has. Enjoy!

Jan 06 2012: I realized after a long long time that there was some naming in the font that was left over from the template! Oops... I fixed this error and updated some internal issues that may have kept the font from working on some machines. Sorry to anyone who may or may not have had issues with this font working properly in the past!

After a lot of thought, I have made one last change to the alphabet and font.
Back when I reworked the alphabet, I changed the n letters, making it impossible to write "lon lon" properly, having opted to map the letter needed to the letter 8. I have switched the n and the 8. I hope everyone else will be pleased with this change, and my apologies go out to anyone who this bothered in the past!

- - -

A little about this alphabet:
This is my personal variation on the Hylian Alphabet. It was created in this form for use with my Hylian Language Project, a fully functional fan language based on the Legend of Zelda game series.

The zip file contains the .ttf and a pdf mapping chart for the letters. Please keep the pdf, it tells you how to use the font!

Wallpaper of the alphabet to help you memorize the characters!

This font is free for personal use. If you plan to use this alphabet in fanart, fan-fiction, tell your friends about it, use it in print work, you get the point... I expect credit.
If you're unsure whether or not I would allow for any specific reason, please contact me beforehand.

Please do not host this font on any site without my direct permission!
© 2009 - 2021 Sarinilli
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Just learned that if you type a capital R, it uses the Ra text, but lowercase r has the regular r text.
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Yes. Yes it does... the pdf that comes with the fonts shows which keys the syllable letters are on- but in short singular letters are (mostly) on the lowercase keys, syllable letters are on the uppercase keys.
LightningDraco's avatar
Yeah I noticed when I read it XD
YoBro9000's avatar
aaa this is really cool! i like how you used the ipa, it helps give a sort of basis for a look at hylian.
Sarinilli's avatar
Thank you!!

If you didn't notice or were curious; I actually used a mix of standard and international (Japanese and German) IPA sets to represent the sounds. :3
Sarinilli's avatar
Hehehehehe thank you! ♥ *^_^*

Though I SHOULD point out, that this is my language adaption. I couldn't have done it if the official in-game alphabet didn't exist first. :3
Qoy's avatar
This is great! I am preparing a Zelda Bachelorrette party for a friend, she will be so happy
Sarinilli's avatar
Niiice! Have fun with the alphabet! :D
Sgt-Sahara's avatar
Very awesome, thanks! :D
Sarinilli's avatar
You're welcome! ^_^
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Okay so I'm having a unique problem it seems.
The Ancient Hylian font works fine, when I scroll down a fonts menu I see it there, beautiful.
The Modern Hylian just appears as normal english / same as default english font. Both are installed
under /usr/share/fonts/TTF/SariF_(Ancient)Hylian.ttf (I run Arch Linux)
I've never had a font (even Quenya, custom elf font) works fine. So I'm inclined to believe there may be an
error in your font?
Sarinilli's avatar
Just compared the two fonts and may or may not have found the reason; I sent you a note about it. :3
Jeep-The-Dragon's avatar
THANK YOU!! I always wanted Hylian Alphabet i my photoshop!!
Now I can use it <333
Thank you!!!
Sarinilli's avatar
You're very welcome! :3
How do i get this to work in gimp?
Sarinilli's avatar
You have to install any font on your computer before you can use it in text and graphic programs. If you open the TTF you should see a button at the top that says "install" in the preview window that will pop up. :3
ok cool. thanks a bunch. im using it in a 2 part cross stitch project. check out my tumblr if your curious about it:
Sarinilli's avatar
Oooh that sounds awesome! Just remember to use the Hylian characters correctly. The pdf that comes with the font explains how to use it, but if that isn't enough, the Hylian Lesson 1 gives a sort of pronunciation guide to the characters as well. If you have any questions or concerns, you're more than welcome to send me a note. I'll be glad to help out. :3
how do i download it
Sarinilli's avatar
Over on the right hand side, there's a download link hidden amidst the ads and thumbnails. Look for the green arrow next to it. :3
Hamfish93's avatar
Whoops, pressed enter too early. How would you write "hey"? I can't for the life of me figure it out
Sarinilli's avatar
Well, did you keep the pdf that is packed with the font? It explains how to use the alphabet properly, which characters mean what. Also if you refer to the Hylian Language Project lesson 01 for pronunciation, that really helps with words like that... but, put simply, if you just want to write in english via the Hylian alphabet, just write "hey" in lowercase... if you want to write it "properly" based on pronunciation they you write "hei". Or likewise, if you want to use the syllable letter for "he", you type in "Hi".. capital H is "he". Like I said though, refer to the pdf that came with the font, and the language lessons here: [link]
Hamfish93's avatar
Thanks! I'm still new to SariF Hylian.
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