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SariF Hylian Ancient Alphabet Font

By Sarinilli
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♥ This alphabet is an adaption for my Hylian Language Project! ♥

April 08 2017: Few updates with this font finally... it isn't a mandatory update, but I HIGHLY recommend getting the newest version!
• Polished it up so it should work better in all browsers.
• Updated the pdf help file so it's easier to use.
• Updted the font name to conform to a new standard.
Thank you and enjoy the font! ♥

July 08 2014: Here we go again with fixes and updates... sorry guys, I keep doing this to you! I went and fixed some issues in ALL my fonts. Also got pdf updates for all of them as well! Enjoy!

Based on and adapted from the Hylian alphabet seen in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. I took the original/official game version made by Nintendo and added to and adapted it to suit my Hylian Language. This font works the same as my "modern" Hylian alphabet font.

Remember to keep the PDF that's in the zip, it tells you how to properly use the Font!
I cannot stress this enough! The alphabet consists of 52 different characters. Not lower and upper case. If you use the font wrong then whatever you write will NOT say what you want it too. So keep the PDF.

That said, I present to you the "full" Ancient Hylian alphabet in font form!

This font is free for personal use. If you plan to use this alphabet in fanart, fan-fiction, tell your friends about it, use it in print work, you get the point... I expect credit.
If you're unsure whether or not I would allow for any specific reason, please contact me beforehand.

Please do not host this font on any site without my direct permission!
© 2012 - 2021 Sarinilli
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GamerGurl36's avatar
Woah, this looks so complicated and detailed! I am prepared... LET'S DO DIS :D
Sarinilli's avatar
Definitely refer to the Hylian Language Project lessons on this version! You can easily use it for English if you feel like it, but you have to be careful with letters like the different I's since one's short (it, into, with) and one is long (like, life) and so on. The lessons give a good bit on how to use and understand the alphabet functionality so you can use it correctly. Though the general rule of thumb is though, as long as you aren't trying to write something with capitals like they are in languages that use the Roman alphabet, you should be fine. :3
Linkakami's avatar
Would it be alright for me to use this font for a 4'x6' mini print that's not sold, but given away if people buy a set of my Zelda prints? It would be an incredibly limited run, as I doubt many people will buy the entire 3 piece set.
Sarinilli's avatar
Under one condition..well, two, actually.
One, let me proof read the text. You wouldn't believe how often I see it and my language variation Modern Hylian used as if they have capitals, even with the lessons I provide. Just want to make sure the text represents the language project and intended use properly. :3
And two; send a little card or note with the prints; some way for them to find the font and language project. :3
Linkakami's avatar
If I decide to follow through, I'll be sure to share via a note. Thanks for the reply!
The-Pagan-Gallery's avatar
Wonderful font! Just what I was looking for. Thank you so much! You are very kind.

Blessed Be,

Sarinilli's avatar
Aww, thank you so much! Makes me extra happy that you like my Language Project version. Hope you enjoy it, and if you have any questions about how to use it that my lessons don't properly explain, you're more than free to send me a note. ^_^
Kyka44's avatar
I tried it out on Win8 and both triforces looked a little weird (they were slanted) but yeah. They are ok I guess.
Sarinilli's avatar
That's...actually rather strange. How are they slanted? Like a forced italic, or the other way? I don't have Win8 or I would check it out... if they're slanted the wrong direction I would suggest putting the Triforces in italic to see if it fixes it; if not..I'm not sure what to say. I have no idea why Win8 would mess something like that up in a font. o_O
Kyka44's avatar
I took a screenshot so you can see. I'm not sure if it was supposed to be that way and the & and % symbols aren't working. Did you even put a symbol for that in?
Sarinilli's avatar
That's very strange; no, it's not supposed to be like that. That definitely looks like a forced italic. I'll see if I know anyone with Win8 to test it for me since I can't.
And no, the & and % never got anything assigned to them; the pdf that came with the font file explains how to use it and lists the mappings. I pretty much included the two Triforce variations and Hylia/Goddess crest for the fun of it. I can keep those in mind for any future updates if I decide to add to it though.

Again, sorry it's looking so weird for you. Hopefully it's not a version compatibility issue; I do plan on getting the newest version of the font maker I use but it's a bit pricey, so if it needs to be run through an up to date program for compatibility, I'm sorry to say it's something that is going to have to wait a while. ^^;;
BeardlessDwarf's avatar
This looks really cool! I just wanted to make sure that it was OK if I use this in a LoZ Fanfiction I'm writing. I may post it online so that is the only reason I'm asking. Thanks for doing this!
Sarinilli's avatar
Sure! Just make sure you read the notes on how the alphabet works so you get the right characters when writing with it. And credit, of course. A link back will be fine. If you have any questions feel free to ask! :3
BeardlessDwarf's avatar
OK thanks! I will definitely use the notes!
Sarinilli's avatar
This helps a lot too if you're not sure about what to do with say, the different i letters. :3 [link]
Dreamer-of-Magic's avatar
:noes: For some reason all the letter have the tops of them cut off...
Do you know how I can fix this?
Sarinilli's avatar
I have no idea. I haven't ever had it happen myself.. what program(s) are you using it in?
Dreamer-of-Magic's avatar
Microsoft Word. Tomorrow I'll try it on the PC instead of the laptop and see if it works then. :shrug:
Sarinilli's avatar
Hmm... I'm not sure. I actually use the Libre Office equivalent of Word. It works just fine there. Though I'v heard of some weird problems from some people and others it works fine. If it helps you work out what's going on, from the best of my knowledge it works perfectly fine on Windows XP and 7, not sure about 8 because I've never been able to test it. It works fine in wordpad too, though if I turn superscript off it freaks out and cuts the whole top half of the characters off. So that's the only thing I can think of that might be an issue. My suggestion? If it's doing it on normal mode, try turning subscript on and see if it's still cutting off. Might have nothing to do with it but it's at least something to try.
Dreamer-of-Magic's avatar
Sarinilli's avatar
If that helps or you figure it out, could you let me know? If I find a fix or some settings that make the font not work right I'd love to be able to put the information in the description for others. :3
Dreamer-of-Magic's avatar
It shows up just fine on my PC :shrug: Maybe it's just the different versions of Word.
Sarinilli's avatar
That's possible. If there's a version update then it's really an issue with older versions of word. Would you mind checking for me? If that's been the problem all along it would be great to know. ^_^
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when i tried to compare the letters to the images on zeldawiki ( the z's on your alphabeth turned out to be o's on zeldawiki, what is the reason behind this?
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