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SariF Hylian Ancient Alphabet Font



♥ This alphabet is an adaption for my Hylian Language Project! ♥

April 08 2017: Few updates with this font finally... it isn't a mandatory update, but I HIGHLY recommend getting the newest version!
• Polished it up so it should work better in all browsers.
• Updated the pdf help file so it's easier to use.
• Updted the font name to conform to a new standard.
Thank you and enjoy the font! ♥

July 08 2014: Here we go again with fixes and updates... sorry guys, I keep doing this to you! I went and fixed some issues in ALL my fonts. Also got pdf updates for all of them as well! Enjoy!

Based on and adapted from the Hylian alphabet seen in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. I took the original/official game version made by Nintendo and added to and adapted it to suit my Hylian Language. This font works the same as my "modern" Hylian alphabet font.

Remember to keep the PDF that's in the zip, it tells you how to properly use the Font!
I cannot stress this enough! The alphabet consists of 52 different characters. Not lower and upper case. If you use the font wrong then whatever you write will NOT say what you want it too. So keep the PDF.

That said, I present to you the "full" Ancient Hylian alphabet in font form!

This font is free for personal use. If you plan to use this alphabet in fanart, fan-fiction, tell your friends about it, use it in print work, you get the point... I expect credit.
If you're unsure whether or not I would allow for any specific reason, please contact me beforehand.

Please do not host this font on any site without my direct permission!
© 2012 - 2024 Sarinilli
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I will use this font for my note, dairy, and school.

I love Zelda Universe