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Long Untold Sheikah Alphabet

By Sarinilli
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I made this YEARS ago when I made my other alphabets, and chose to never share it. I kept it to myself, secret, like the tribe it belongs too.

Truth be told I wasn't sure at the time if I may have other intentions for this alphabet, but it's kept it's association all these years.

I'm sharing the scan of my Sheikah alphabet now, for various reasons. Such as the fact that I find it somewhat ironic that the new Hylian in Skyward Sword somewhat resembles Sheikah, in a sense. The more looping letters are similar anyhow.

The overall alphabet has a rather rune inspired theme, and was designed to express what I think the Sheikah alphabet should look like.

Please be aware that this alphabet is free to use for personal use ONLY. The image above may not be uploaded elsewhere but you can link to me here. You are free to print the chart for personal use only in it's current unaltered form. Removing the "made by Sarinilli" at the bottom is not allowed under any circumstance.

• • • "For personal use only" rules • • •

• What is allowed: I mean if you use this on fanart you are more than welcome to upload it. If you want to write notes to friends, notes to yourself, paint words with this alphabet onto things for yourself (like folder, notebooks, shirts, your skin), feel free. For things like gift items, use in games (such as table top rpg's or sharing notes with friends), I only ask that you link them here so they know where you got the alphabet.
Things like permanent tattoo are questionable and if you want to get this on your skin permanently I ask that you please contact me first with your ideas.

• What is not allowed: Using this on anything you intend to sell. This alphabet (although called my Sheikah alphabet) is still a personal work of my own idea.

If you have further questions, comments or don't know what your intended use falls under, feel free to post below or note me and ask. :3
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© 2011 - 2021 Sarinilli
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Should this be made a font, lots would be downloading!
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I've thought about it, but since it's just a fan alphabet (with another purpose too that I've yet to really flesh out), and the Zelda series has a Sheikah alphabet.. I keep putting the font creation for it on hold. ^^;

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This reminds me of an alphabet I created a LONG time ago.
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Can you please make a font out of this
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Oh, I still plan on making a font for this one. Right now, my real life has been so busy I haven't had any time to sit down and put thought and work into fonts. In the meantime feel free to have fun with my other officially inspired and fan/language alphabet fonts! :3
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oh im arabic but i speak english here ill show you marhaban ana sally 
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I have a question with the long and short "i's", as you said in an early comment to someone the short i is pronounced /ɪ/ like win hit, and long i is /iː/ like sing and link, but what about when i is /aɪ/ like in hi and sign? or is it not meant to write English? thank you for you time
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It's not actually meant to write in English perfectly, no; though you can use it that way. Realistically if you want to spell things out "properly" for perfect English pronunciation you would write "sain" instead of "sign"; though to make matters easier, use the longer i in sign and that will work. :3

Now later down the line when I have more of the language work done, including English in actual Hylian texts will be treated as borrow words and in that case, will have to be spelled out for pronunciation and not actually spelled as the word is written in English.

I hope that helps. :3
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it does help, thank you very much
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No problem! If you have anymore questions feel free to ask or to refer to my Hylian Language lessons; the Sheikah alphabet follows the same rules with a lot of it's letters, they just have a different setup with less syllable characters. :3
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Hello!! I just have a quick question the i with the line under it, what does that mean exactly? A capital i?? Also the one with two letters, for example st, if I wanted to write star I would write st then the a r? Thanks for your time!
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Oh! No, I need to fix the image or just oh, make a font. lol
This was drawn up so long ago that I didn't really know how to define the short and long i's so I just drew a line under the long one; they work the same as the i's in my Hylian alphabets do; the one at the top is a short i (like the i in "his", "it", "with" etc; the "long i" is like in "link", "sing", "king" etc. None of my alphabets have capitals, either.

As for how to use the compound letters, that works the same as with my Hylian too; if you want to write out "star" you can use the st letter or spell it all out individually. Unless say, you use "Star" as a name, then you have to stick with the spelling you chose for the name when writing the name out; like how the names Amy, Aimee, Amie etc all sound the same but can be spelled different ways. :3
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>o< Hallu. I'm confuzzled on one thing. the part where it says, "Doubles the character it is placed over." >u< what do you mean by that? I mean, I love Legend of Zelda and every aspect of it. Cx Growing up it was the only thing that taught me in the darkest of times their is a hero in all of us.. So I love to get into every game and break it down to know everything about this amazing game series c: Pwease help me <3
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lol it means if you put the dots over a character, then you count that as two.
You write "helo" and put the dots over the l to translate it as "hello",
or "kiten" with the dots over the t to spell "kitten".

I hope that helps. :3
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*laughs* You're welcome! x3
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DIS IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!Hey, how do you pronounce the different letters
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The general pronunciation is similar to Hylian.. if you look up the lessons and wonder about the i letters, the one at the top here next to h (the one that looks like an s with a line through it) is the short i, and the one at the bottom that looks like a curly hook with a dot in it is the long i. 
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kk, thanks for telling me.
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No problem. :3
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I love all the alphabets you do! Is there a list of Hylian words other than the one with the months and days of the week?
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Of course. I'll be getting to basic words and grammar once the bare basics are done. ^_^
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