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Gerudo Typography - Font

July 08 2014: Here we go again with fixes and updates... sorry guys, I keep doing this to you! I went and fixed some issues in ALL my fonts. Enjoy!

9 Jan. 2012: someone pointed out that I had a typo in the preview image, and when I went to fix it, low and behold the spacing in the font (when you hit the space bar) wasn't what I had intended... must have been the last save that messed it up, oops! Gerudo SHOULD have a fair amount of spacing if you look at the exceprt in Hyrule Historia, so I reuploaded the font with the slight update. It doesn't effect the font usage, but it looks a bit better now. Sorry for the trouble! ^^;

This is a font for the official Gerudo Alphabet, or "Geldo" Typography according to Hyrule Historia.

This alphabet dates back to the original release of Ocarina of Time, but was used so obscurely in the game that it was never properly discovered by fans as being a proper alphabet. Thanks to recent releases in Japan we finally have an official Gerudo alphabet!

* Note: According to the Japanese texts, this is actually called GELDO'S Typography. While Geldo is apparently the proper official name of the Gerudo, I have stuck with Gerudo due to this being the long thought official translation.

This font contains letters A through Z, a hyphen which substitutes ad a period, and a comma which substitutes as an apostrophe, as well as the letters 1 and 5.

It's obvious that Gerudo numerics are highly inspired by Roman numerals. The usage of these two single numbers would be as the roman Numerals I and V are used. It's not entirely clear, but with only the two numbers, it's safe to assume that "ten" in Gerudo, would be written with two fives "55"... Meaning "fifty five" would be written in Gerudo with fifteen eleven* consecutive 5's but let's not think about that right now. *lol*
(*Thanks Dekler for the correction, I shouldn't do math without coffee first. LOL)

Please remember like all of my fonts, this IS free for personal use only, and I prefer requests for permission before allowing any outside hosting.

Otherwise... I hope everyone enjoys this font!

I'd like to send a personal shoutout and big thanks to CalicoStonewolf for helping with the vectors for this font so I didn't have to use the character scans themselves. :3

Please remember like all of my fonts, this IS free for personal use only*, and I prefer requests for permission before allowing any outside hosting.
  • My "made for an official alphabet" Zelda fonts technically still belong to Nintendo so I HIGHLY recommend against using them for profit!
  • cannot be held responsible if you use this font inappropriately. For your own sake and safety, you have been warned.

Otherwise... I hope everyone enjoys this font! ♥
© 2012 - 2021 Sarinilli
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Fish-with-a-Knife's avatar

Downloaded and installed, and it shows up in my font lists, but it's not displaying correctly (even though it did in the install). I know it's not on your end because the ancient Shiekah you made works just fine.

What did I do wrong?

Sarinilli's avatar

Sorry for the late reply... trying to catch up here.

If it's characters looking funny or not working like in the preview, check the pdf that came with it; the vowel functionality is a bit tricky because of how they work, and the pdf has instructions and key mappings to show you how to use the font properly.

If that doesn't help, please give me a more detailed description (or show me what it's doing if you can?) and I'll see if I can help you figure it out. :)

Fish-with-a-Knife's avatar

It just shows up as default arial when used in gimp, as far as I can tell I installed it correctly, because like I said, other fonts from you work just fine. It's possible that it's software issues on my end.

xDarkOdinx's avatar

I also seem to be having some issues with it. It just shows as defualt font when using it in GIMP and/or Inkscape. It shows fine when testing in the Windows Fonts section. Not sure why it wont work outside of that.

Anyways, still thank you @Sarinilli for you work on these. They're amazing and greatly appreciated.

Hi I didn't find the pdf instructions in the zip file. Where can I find it?

Kuroiseki's avatar
I used both this and the Ancient Hylian font!
Kuroiseki's avatar
Couldn't resist using it again :D
Twilightwindwaker777's avatar
I'll just call the Gerudo language Geldo from now on.
Sarinilli's avatar
Haha I have been, too; kind of like an in-joke sort of thing. x3
onemario1234's avatar
So, how does the font thing work? I'm new to using alternate fonts on... well... anything aside from sites that have it hardwired.
Sarinilli's avatar
Oh wow, this will be your first ever installed font?
Depends on your operating system; if it's windows just unzip it, double click the file GerudoTypography.ttf and it will open a window showing the text...there'll be a button at the top that says "install". Once installed it'll show up in the list of any word processor or text editor on your computer. :3

If it's mac..err..... google..I always forget how to install fonts on mac. ^^;
onemario1234's avatar
Yeah, I haven't seen it show up at all after installing it...
Sarinilli's avatar
Should be in font drop lists as "Gerudo's Typography"... how did you install it?
onemario1234's avatar
The way I was told to.
Sarinilli's avatar
hmm.... hit the windows key and e; that'll bring up the file explorer... navigate to C: / windows / fonts and see if it showed up in there... if so, try restarting and see if it'll work. If not, or if it's not in there, you can copy and paste the font directly into the fonts folder.
onemario1234's avatar
Hello just wondering but where can i download it. their is no link that i could find.
Sarinilli's avatar
DeviantArt has such an old download button that's not easy to see for new users. Look on the FAR right side, just under the little adds box; there's a green arrow pointing down on it. 
Why won't this properly download to my mac?
Sarinilli's avatar
Won't download..? Or won't install?
Can you walk me through what you've tried to do so far?
this is a screenshot of what happens when i try to install it:…
Sarinilli's avatar
Hmmm.... it says not installed though? Have you tried actually installing it? I think I remember someone once saying they had a weird issue with the preview not showing properly but the font working fine once it was installed fully. Might be that the same is happening with you?
Let me know if it works, if not, I'll see if I can debug. There is a slim chance it might have something to do with my font creator program being severely should work fine, regardless, but I have had some strange issues reported that I can't explain or figure out, so there is an off chance it may have to do with some odd versioning issue. I sure hope that's not it..

Good luck!
After having the same problem for a long while, and ultimately fixing it, here is my best (but still very limited) understanding of what's going wrong.

Macs have a separate way of naming and locating fonts. A Mac-specific name is missing from Gerudo's Typography, so it is completely possible to successfully install Gerudo's Typography and promptly have the Mac lose track of it, which means it can't make use of it and (incorrectly) reports that it is still not installed.

If you have something able to edit fonts, though, you can go in and supply the missing name to the 'Mac name' field of font information, save the font, reinstall it, and all seems to work fine. I've done this in Typelight (pick 'Names...' from the 'Fonts' menu bar, click advanced, add in the mac name).

I don't know what program you use to edit fonts, or if this is at all helpful to you, but here's hoping!
Sarinilli's avatar
Oh lord... this may be why I really NEED to look into getting the newer release of the font program I use. I have version 3; version 9.something is now available... I just checked the font in my own program and the only mac naming options I have available to me are in fact set. So the only answer I have is that my program is just far too old and is missing vital information for newer mac systems specifically. Exactly what I was afraid of.
Thank you SO MUCH for providing this information! Sadly, it means I can't currently fix the issues, however I now know that I was right. Well, time for me to start saving a bit for the newer version. haha
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