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FULL Ancient Hylian Alphabet - Language Compatible




Now before you question how and where...yes I DID reinvent and fully create the missing letters. This is my "full" alphabet version which can be used with the Hylian Language. Call it, if you will, the Goddesses Hylian?

I did my best to make the new characters work well with the preexisting ones, and some are only slight alterations due to their relation to the root characters. There are 52 unique letters, but the basic A-Z can be used for English writing (the short i with one dot over it should be used for most English words).

I'm going to post up more information on how to use this, as well as my other Hylian alphabet in due time, but for now you can just refer to this really crummy hand written chart!

General Information
This is based on the Ancient Hylian from the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.
The chart for the game version is here: [link]
and the game accurate font can be downloaded here: [link]

This version has additional characters which are needed to work with my fan created Hylian Language, which uses characters which translate to basic roman as well as syllabary letters.
This version of Ancient Hylian can be used in the same way as my more "modern" Hylian.
I have a wallpaper helper for that version here: [link]
And the font for that version can be downloaded here: [link]

My Hylian Language used to be hosted at Hyrule Realm. As I haven't been able to get the site back up due to personal life issues sapping my time, I will eventually be putting the language back online on a new site dedicated solely to the language. In the meantime I plan on getting some information back up here on DA as I can in the near future.
If you have any questions about the language, please send me a note.
For those of you who remember Hyrule Realm, I'm so terribly sorry that I had to take it down! I haven't forgotten, and I will get the language back online for use, it's just a lot of work. I hope you can all understand, and I very much appreciate the continued support. ♥

I am fully aware of the fact that some of these look similar to Japanese Katakana and Hiragana. Contrary to those of you who want to say they ARE Japanese however, none of these are identical to Japanese kana and the similarities are not intentional. Any further commentary on the similarities are not necessary. Thank you anyway.


Check out the font if you like this! ^_^
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For some reason I thought this cybertronian language at first