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Cakie! RPG / Commissions Update

Wed May 30, 2018, 1:25 PM
Hey guys!  Sorry for disappearing!  Our internet was out for a few weeks due to a windstorm (and slow-butt repairmen), but I'm still here.o3o

CAKIE! RPG: I've been working hard on my plans for the Cakie! avatar/pet site RPG.  It's going to be 4 games in 1: a typical pet/avatar site, a visual novel, an idle farming/crafting game, and an old school RPG (sorta like Pokemon but with hidden object puzzles!).  I'm SO crazy excited!!!  I'll have more info for you soon!

COMMISSIONS: I will still complete your orders, but as long as I haven't started your artwork I am still more than happy to issue a refund!  Just send me a note please.

ANYTHING ELSE: And I realize I have a bunch of unanswered messages, I just can't respond right now.  I have a bit of social anxiety as you might know by now, and it really takes a while for me to warm up to the process of communicating with fellow humans again.xDDD  Hello fellow human.8D

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Cakie! RPG / Pet Site??

Mon Apr 16, 2018, 6:33 AM
Would you be interested in a Cakie! RPG / pet site?  (This means I continue creating characters as usual, but instead of selling them as one person's adopt, they would be available to everyone to earn in an online game.)  I just could use some motivation right now, so please do comment if you think this is a good idea.

I've tried a couple times to continue the ARPG, but it's not what I really want.  It's just a replacement for this game.

However, I do get sick on and off, which causes me to become unmotivated / tired / I retreat into hermit mode and don't deal with people at all.  It's why it's been so hard for me to stay consistent here.  A site would be even more responsibility, which I know I could never handle on my own.  If the site made it, I'd hire staff that could also fill in for me at times.

The other issue is I definitely don't have the funds to hire any help right now.  And I certainly can't program a site.  Code it, yeah.  But build a database and programs to automatically update it?  I'd need someone.  Eventually.

My plan is to just say f it, and do as much as I can and build this thing.  Because even if it's one of the worst mistakes of my life, it could only be the second worst.  The ultimate worst mistake I could make is never try.

But of course, I feel sick when I think I could waste so much time on something that never comes to fruition.  I would feel dumb in front of people in rl.  This is possibly such a niche market, not just for a pet site, but for my style of art and the kind of story I plan to write, esp. if the art looks kid friendly but the story turns out to be a little more mature... what if I don't get enough players to fund everything and have to close?  Is this just wasted effort I should use on doing adopts and just promoting on other social media, selling merch, instead??

I could really use some encouragement I guess.  But I understand if no one comments, I haven't been really active here.

This isn't really descriptive about anything I'm thinking about, I'm really sleepy.  I'm going to go sleep for a few hours and be back, hopefully with enough energy to work on commissions.  Sorry for being so slow and not really here.

Thank you for all your support.<3<3<3

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Fluffbits #142 and 143 - Milk and Cookies by Sarilain
I've never done guest artists before, so idk if anyone will be interested, but thought I could try.T^T

♥ About Fluffbits

Please keep in mind these guides are a little outdated:

  • Wings are now Rare.
  • All Fluffbits now have a curly puff on top of their heads.
  • All Fluffbits have bunny noses and mouths.
  • Basically, refer to Fluffbits created by me the last month.

Fluffbit Species Guide by Sarilain  Minibit Species Guide by Sarilain
Fluffbits are official Cakie! species and property of Sarilain :iconcakie-and-friends:
They are closed species, please read more here: Closed/MYO Species and Adoptables T.O.S.

♥ Guest Artist Rules

  • By applying to become a Guest Artist, you automatically agree to the Closed/MYO Species and Adoptables T.O.S.
  • Guest Artists may be only temporary, or a trial, or require a certain amount of activity in X amount of time to avoid being removed.  (I'm not sure yet!T^T)
  • You may sell designs for deviantART Points or Paypal only.  (So, flat sales and auctions!)
  • Profits will be split 50/50 between us.
  • Put fluffy butts in your application somewhere if you've read the rules.
  • You must note me every time you want to start a new batch.  (This way I make sure there's not so many sales already going on that everyone ignores yours.)
  • You must note me either the sketch or line art stage so I can help you fix any mistakes.  (Otherwise, if I catch it later on it'll be harder for you to fix.)
  • You may use any Common/Uncommon traits you like, and only 1 Rare trait every batch (2+ Fluffbits).  No Ultra Rares/Mythical.
  • You may design Fluffbits and Minibits only, no Fantabits, Mallowbits, etc. right now.
  • I will repost your sales image to this account, Sarilain, so I can help you advertise.
  • I will repost your designs individually to the Cakiedex to keep official track of the owners.
  • Please remember this is my first time doing this, so the rules may change.  Watch this journal for updates.

Auction Minimum Pricing

  • SB: whatever you like
  • Minibit AB: $16 / 1600 :points: or more
  • Fluffbit AB: $27 / 2700 :points: or more
  • Matching Set AB: $32 / 3200 :points: or more

Flat Sale Minimum Pricing

  • Minibit: $8 / 800 :points: or more
  • Fluffbit: $16 / 1600 :points: or more
  • Matching Set: $21 / 2100 :points: or more

You must add the following to the description of every batch:
Fluffbits are official Cakie! species and property of Sarilain :iconcakie-and-friends:
They are closed species and by purchasing you automatically agree to the Closed/MYO Species and Adoptables T.O.S.
If you'd like to become a guest artist, please apply here: Seeking Fluffbit Guest Artists!! * Open *

♥ Application

Surprise Custom - Fluffbit #144 by Sarilain
To apply, just comment below with:

    • design examples
    • art examples of Fluffbits or characters similar to Fluffbits
    • Why are you interested in being a guest artist?

♥ Current Guest Artists

:iconlilliebun: :iconemsl: :iconkiirino: :iconbfdifan123:

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What Are Your Fav Adopt Themes?

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 29, 2017, 9:09 AM

Bunny Drought 16 So I've been up all night and can't sleep, don't wanna bomb commissions right now, so I'm thinking of starting some simple cheap adopts instead.

Please list your favourite adoptable themes below!!

I would really appreciate things more like:

"Summer Foods: Popsicles, Watermelon, Ice Cream, etc."

not "food".
But suggest anything you like, I need distraction.Bunny Emoji-08 (Lalala~) [V1] 

Bunny Emoji-10 (Loved) [V1] Themes I Like:

  • Chinese Zodiac

  • Birth Stone and Flower

  • Seasons: winter, spring, summer, autumn

  • Plants you cook with: mushrooms, herbs, spices

  • Terrain: island, desert, mushroom forest, volcano

  • Alcoholic drinks: mudslide, cranberry vodka, margarita, sweet wine, cinnamon whiskey

  • Japanese foods: sushi, dango, water cake, mochi

  • Breakfast foods: eggs, toaster pastries, marshmallow cereal

  • Toilet stuff: plunger, toilet paper, toilet, toilet brush, cute poop

  • Eggs: hard boiled, sunny side up, scrambled, omelet, deviled

  • Alphabetical fruits and veggies: A is for apple, B banana, etc.

  • Destroyers of humanity: godzilla, king kong, chuck norris

Chuck Norris VS MechaGodzilla by Grimmsfeld

Bunny Emoji-32 (Waving) [V2] Feel free to use these yourself, I dun own "ideas" lol.bunny booty emoji 

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Art Requests are CLOSED

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 22, 2017, 9:17 AM

I'm really sorry, but I think I keep putting my foot in my mouth about things.  I'm going to close the art requests and change that journal back to my commissions journal, for the very rare times I actually have some sort of commissions open, or at least so people know they're closed and don't ask as much...

I'm just always so distracted, every day I wake up with new ideas and never enough time to complete them.  I've long since addressed the issues that made me feel like I needed to offer requests, so I haven't been doing them like I hoped.

Before you get upset with me, please remember:
  • It only took you a minute to submit your info, whereas it would take me hours to complete most art

  • I was only doing one of those a month anyway, so chances are most people wouldn't have gotten their request (I wasn't expecting so much traffic)

  • You're still getting freebies and fun things from me: there was the MYO Bubble Kitten Contest (I will pick the winners soon), the DTA Pandeer, the super cheap MYO Fluffbit slots, I'm already planning a FREE MYO Fluffbit event for next month (you just gotta earn them with drawings instead), and there will be more!

Thanks for your patience.  I always want to do huge projects and I get overly excited like a little kid, but then I wake up the next day with the next "amazing idea" and I just gotta do that one instead.

I hope you can just be happy with what I am offering, and I will keep showing you new art, ideas, characters, and worlds!

Bunny Emoji-87 (Thanks) [V5] 

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Would you like the chance to receive free gift art of your Fluffbit?  I'm organizing another MYO Fluffbit event for December that will require participants to draw surprise gifts for any Fluffbits of their choice.

But I need your permission to add your character to this event!

:star: If you have a Fluffbit (yes, Minibits ARE Fluffbits), please fill out the following form and post it below:

(post thumbs, no more than 3 images)

(use :dev*yourusername*: )

(your Fluffbit's)

(in a few words)

Example Post:

Day #13 ~ Cinnybun ~ 365 Art Challenge by Sarilain Day #14 ~ Cinnybun ~ 365 Art Challenge by Sarilain



friendly, loves cuddles, sweets, and cinnamon rolls

:star: If you have multiple Fluffbits, please fill out a new form for each one.

:star: There's also a paid MYO event going on here right now:
[Open!] Fluffbit MYO Event!!

Fluffbits are my favourite species, and I'd really like to see them more active like they were before.  Since I already have the MYO Bubble Kitten Contest this month, I thought a super cheap MYO Fluffbit event would be the perfect thing to welcome them back!
These prices probably have never, and will never be this cheap again.  So do take advantage if you're interested!^^
By ordering you automatically agree to my Closed/MYO Species and Adoptables T.O.S.
Event ends November 31st.
MYO means "make your own", you get to design it yourself!
Slots/features are unlimited, order as many as you like!
They never expire, use them whenever you like!Submit your co

Yes, you can always wait for the free one next month!  But you will only be able to earn 1 Minibit and 1 Fluffbit total, and you may have to draw multiple pictures just to earn one.  So I highly recommend the current event if you wanna save yourself some time.;)

Show Me Creepy Cute Art!!

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 18, 2017, 10:50 AM

I've been wanting to go guro kawaii for a while, I LOVE creepy stuff so freaking much.  I think I will slowly ease into it, Pandeer are a great start.

Please post thumbnails of creepy cute stuff!

(I'm looking for something more than just cute bat girls btw, I want stuff that's cute yet disturbing.xDDD)

Saccstry's one of my idols:

Geode by Saccstry Smiley by Saccstry Hug by Saccstry Crystal Growths by Saccstry Soapy Milk by Saccstry   I bet she really hates going to the dentist by Saccstry

Mature Content

Stars and Stripes by Saccstry
Diamond Dream by Saccstry
Mucosa by Saccstry

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[Open!] Fluffbit MYO Event!!

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 5, 2017, 10:15 AM

Free Gift Art for Fluffbits!Would you like the chance to receive free gift art of your Fluffbit?  I'm organizing another MYO Fluffbit event for December that will require participants to draw surprise gifts for any Fluffbits of their choice.
But I need your permission to add your character to this event!

:star: If you have a Fluffbit (yes, Minibits ARE Fluffbits), please fill out the following form and post it below:

(post thumbs, no more than 3 images)
(use :dev*yourusername*: )
(your Fluffbit's)
(in a few words)

Example Post:


friendly, loves cuddles, sweets, and cinnamon rolls

:star: If you have multiple Fluffbits, please fill out a new form for each one.

:star: There's also a paid MYO event going on here right now:

Fluffbit #133 - Custom for chocolate-at-heart by Sarilain [CLOSED] Fluffbit #48 by Sarilain Fluffbit #129 - Sea Bunny by Sarilain [CLOSED] Day #16 ~ 365 Challenge (Fluffbit #46) by Sarilain
Fluffbits are my favourite species, and I'd really like to see them more active like they were before.  Since I already have the MYO Bubble Kitten Contest this month, I thought a super cheap MYO Fluffbit event would be the perfect thing to welcome them back!

These prices probably have never, and will never be this cheap again.  So do take advantage if you're interested!^^

By ordering you automatically agree to my Closed/MYO Species and Adoptables T.O.S.

Event ends November 31st.

  • MYO means "make your own", you get to design it yourself!
  • Slots/features are unlimited, order as many as you like!
  • They never expire, use them whenever you like!
  • Submit your completed designs to :iconcakie-and-friends: for approval.  (Please don't note me, these messages tend to get lost.  If your design is accepted in the group, it means it's good to go!)

For Points :points: use the commission widget on the bottom left of my profile: Sarilain

For Paypal please note me your email address and what slots/features you want: Sarilain

Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4]  Purchased MYO Slots List 
Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] 

Old Guide:

Wings are now RARE features, all other info is still accurate!

Fluffbit Species Guide by Sarilain

Minibit Rough Hop Cycle by MissMignonne Minibit Species Guide by Sarilain

1st Slot: Common Minibit $1 / 50 :points:

Any Additional Slots: Common Minibit $3 / 250 :points:

Fluffbit Rough Hop Cycle by MissMignonne

1st Slot: Common Fluffbit $1.50 / 100 :points:

Any Additional Slots: Common Fluffbit $6 / 500 :points:

:star: Every Fluffbit/Minibit MUST have these features, unless you upgrade to a rarer feature.

Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4]   Common Features:  Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] 
  • (either) standing rabbit ears
  • (or) lop rabbit ears (can be long or short)
  • circle cheek markings
  • one swirly antenna
  • a fluffy body
  • (Minibits only) an object tail

Day #13 ~ Cinnybun ~ 365 Art Challenge by Sarilain Snuggle by Sarilain

add one Uncommon Feature $1.50 / 100 :points:

Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4]   Uncommon Features:  Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] 
  • any shape (non-circle) cheek markings
  • any kind of object ears (as long as they are still oval/rectangle shaped, ex. leaves, graham crackers)
  • (Fluffbits only) an object tail
  • a string tail with an object on the end
  • (Fluffbits only) a large fluff tail (it drags behind them) (can also be fluff shaped objects, ex. flowers)
  • whipped cream/frosting tail only
  • (Minibits only) snail shell (instead of object tail)

[CLOSED] Fluffbit #47 by Sarilain Commission: Chubby for Xxebonysongxx by Sarilain

add one Rare Feature $3.50 / 300 :points:

Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4]   Rare Features:  Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] 
  • any kind of wings (as long as they aren't bigger than what's in the guide)
  • multiple antenna
  • antenna with objects on the end
  • antlers (still must have an antenna)
  • no antenna (must have a swirl shaped fluff on their head instead)
  • (Fluffbits only) a glass tummy
  • whipped cream/frosting body (this option includes the tail too)
  • (Fluffbits only) translucent body (these are usually terrarium babs)

Commission: Chubby for Xxebonysongxx by Sarilain [CLOSED] 24 hr. Auction - Fluffbit #58 by Sarilain

Ultra Rare features are NOT available, sorry!

Disallowed features:
  • body made of anything not fluff/whipped cream (ex. object bodies like doughnuts, taiyaki, macarons, etc.)
  • Ears/tail shaped like another animal

Thanks so much, have fun designing your Fluffbits!!Bunny Emoji-42 (Awww) [V2] 

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November Plans!!

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 1, 2017, 10:17 PM

Here's what I'm planning this month!:

1) I've narrowed down my species to just 11 I will focus on.  (Not counting their subspecies, though, Cakies alone have at least 100 different ones planned.xD)  I've always had this problem of having too many ideas (idk what art block is) and it makes it really hard to accomplish large projects or really flesh out any species concepts.

Bubble Kittens will be my main focus for now, but I will also make a few new adopts here and there of the others: Cakies, Dreamkits, Faedra (formerly Draglow), Fluffbits, Gumnimals, Kitterpillars, Pandeer, Slug Kittens, Snugglies, and Sweet Beans.  Some of them have MAJOR overhauls in progress, I am so excited to share their Gen 2's with you all.o3o

All my other species aren't necessarily abandoned, some of them I really really adore (Poffits and Pea Dragons T^T), so I may bring them back at some point.

2) The Bubble Kitten MYO contest will bring in some more characters to the family!  So excited.^^

3) The Bubble Kitten features guide should be done in the next week or two.

4) I'd like to have a Bubble Kitten advent next month, I'll try to start saving a few designs from my batches for now and see if I can get enough together for it.

5) I'm going to start logging designs into the Cakiedex again.

6) Next month I'd like to have a DTA Bubble Kitten with ultra rare features as a Christmas gift for someone, so I gotta make that one now!

7) You *might* see some new Kitterpillars really soon.;)

8) I have the Draglow remakes, "Faedra", that I still have to post too.

9) I *might* have some Bubble Kitten only commissions for cheap, if I figure out some nice bases.

10) I'd like to have another YCH auction, hopefully one more detailed, once I finish the art for my current YCH.

11) This isn't a to do, but I'm really proud of myself, I resisted the impulse of taking on tons of commissions for quick money, so I'm not behind for once!!!!  SO HAPPY!!!T^T

12) I hope to do some more free art, for both dA, and Twitter/Instagram.

13) Of course I will do more P2U bases too, 'cause Patreon.

14) The Cakie Cottage Capture isn't abandoned, it's just on the back burner now.  I'll add more designs when I can.  (But the ARPG is definitely a ways away, I decided it would be better to build up some species first.  Sorry about that!!!)

And this is probably only the tip of the iceberg.  I'm a distractable bean and always have tons to do.  Maybe this makes more sense now when people ask for commissions/trades and I'm like.... I can't?T^T

I'm so excited for everything, it's going to be a super productive month!!!  I've said it before, but I am so glad to be back to normal here!!!!

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About Reselling Adopts for More Than You Paid

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 21, 2017, 6:19 PM

The Poll:…

Explanation: [link]

After spending so much time debating through this with you all and listening to all your advice (sorry if I didn't respond, but I HAVE read everything, ty so much!!!<3), I think I've come across an answer to our dilemma.^^

How can I get rid of the resale rule, but still protect against scalpers?

There is a solution!

To summarize if you're not sure what I'm talking about:

A lot of closed species owners have the rule: "You can't sell adopts for more than you paid, plus the price of any additional art."  This rule is supposed to protect against scalpers, so the community will have the opportunity to obtain species designs from the creator themselves without having others monopolize all the designs, and limit ownership to only an elite few.

Or some creators may use this as a way to protect themselves.  They feel like it's not fair if they only got a certain amount for something, but then someone else turns around and makes a profit off their hard work.  While I agree this sucks when it happens, however, it's life and life simply isn't always fair.  The moment you sell a design to someone, it's no longer your property.  You have no legal control over what that person does, outside of your right to forbid commercial reproduction and such, and it's unfair when we creators try to throw our weight around and force others to conform to our own standards.

You could of course have everyone sign an explicit contract every time they buy an adopt, but I find that off putting tbh.  I probably wouldn't be interested any more at that point.

Trying to uphold this sort of rule can sometimes result in a whole bunch of uneccessary drama.  Sometimes creators can even gain a sense of entitlement and use their strict rules to belittle people.  There may be "witch hunts" or crazy white knighting where the creator either asks their followers to go attack a person, or just turns a blind eye when it happens.  Sometimes creators AREN'T trying to be self important, but it still comes across this way.  I was surprised to find the latter out today.  I make rules to protect the community, not solely for my own benefit, and it makes me sad when others misunderstand.

But simply put, some rules do have to be in place to assure structure of a community.  And not everyone is going to like the rules.  It's impossible to make everyone happy.

However, today I think I may have figured out a way to make MOST people happy by changing this rule.

Instead of the resale rule, I can just put limits on how many adopts any one person buys at any given time.

Let me explain:

My new policy would be that anyone can resell their closed species characters from me for whatever they want.  This eliminates the possibility of witch hunts and white knighting.  This lightens my workload (not that I have ever policed this, I never pay attention to what people do tbh lol, BUT I would have to deal with it if an issue crops up).  Less stress all around.

If my adopts are regularly resold by others for more, then great, there's a sign I can raise my own prices.

IF a species of mine ever becomes in "high demand" and people start scalping designs...  Rather than put a rule in place to "outlaw" scalping (because who am I to judge who is scalping and who isn't?), I would just limit their how obtainable they are.

We've seen examples of this before.  Say there's a really popular species, and the creator puts up a cheaper batch that's for first time owners only.  But instead of just doing this once, I could do it most of the time.

Ex. I post a set of adopts, and for the first 24 hours I only allow people who haven't purchased one of that species in the last... (month, batch, whatever) to make a purchase.  Any unsold designs after that time limit would be available to everyone.  Yes, it's still putting a rule in place and restricting people somewhat.  However, I think this is so much better than trying to tell people what they can do with the adopt after the fact (not legal).  Instead I can tell them while I still have ownership of the adopt (legal).

I understand this only adresses flat sales, but I'm thinking for auctions that: Anyone can bid!  But only people who meet the requirement of not previously buying one in X amount of time will be eligible to AB.  It might be a little confusing at first, but this is a much fairer process for everyone.

And again, this would only be put in place if scalping actually crops up.

This way, if there are no rules to break, then there's no rule to worry about enforcing, no one can become a rule breaker and open themselves to possible harassment or embarassment, there's no drama and a whole heck of a lot more people are happier.

This may have been an obvious solution to some of you, but I've really been agonizing over it for hours.  Special thanks to KawaiiStorm for helping me come up with this idea.<3

Let me know what you all think?  I really think this addresses both sides of the problem.T^T

(And if you're worried about accessibility for those with smaller pocketbooks or just no funds at all... I AM still working on the ARPG in which you can obtain MYO's for free.  It's just going to take a lot longer to get everything set up.  I'll do some DTA or MYO contest soon for you all.<3)

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Bubble Kitten Species Guide

Fri Oct 20, 2017, 6:14 PM

Bubble Kitten Species Guide

A Closed Species by Sarilain

About the Bubble Kitten

Bubble Kittens aren't actually cats, they just tend to have nubs on their head resembling ears and whiskers, and are the size of a small cat, so they were originally mistaken as feline.  They're very lightly furred, have "clawed" feet (their toes aren't sharp, they're more nub like), chubby tails, and paw pads.

They also have glowing soul gems on their tummies that help them see underwater, and perform basic magic.  For instance, levitating small objects, or transforming meals into something "yummier" (can be frustrating if you're trying to get your bab to eat their greens and they keep turning it into ice cream).  But they are most well known for breathing out magic bubbles to attack their enemies.  Hence, "Bubble Kittens".  More powerful Kittens will have even more gems on other parts of their body.

Other Features

Bubble Kittens actually share more similarities with the axolotl.  They are neotonistic, meaning their features never mature, aka "forever babies".  They can perfectly regenerate any limbs or body parts, even their spines or brain, without scarring.  This also comes with a very high pain tolerance, they won't even feel low level pain like non lethal cuts.  Which can be a problem however.  They might not realize they are injured, and left alone, some have been known to bleed out from even a simple paper cut.  They must take time to rest and heal.  In the wild, another Kitten will realize their friend is injured and get them to rest by cuddling them.

They have myopic eyesight and no ears at all, so they don't "hear" in the traditional sense.  Instead, they use echolocation by absorbing sound waves through their large, open mouths.  This does lead to them usually having their mouths hanging open and looking generally derpy though.  They don't just enjoy talking in their high pitched teeny voices, they absolutely LIVE to talk.  So good luck trying to get them to shut up.  They have mentality of a small child and use simple broken language.  They pretty much sound like walking memes ("Wow! Much pretty! So shine! Yay!").  They will even talk to themselves nonstop if no one else is around.  But this helps them with echolocating their surroundings.


Bubble Kittens are amphibious, though they probably spend most of their time in the water.  Since they are extremely sociable, they always live in colonies.  The entire colony will sleep at once, cuddling in either underwater groves, or hollow logs, or dens near water.  They often sleep with their eyes open to keep watch for predators.  But this just makes them seem even more derpy... you might get scared and mistake your bab for dead when they're just sleeping.

They can't breathe underwater, instead, they store oxygen in pockets in their head, but it's good for hours.  This is why they only live in shallow water, it's easier to reach the surface and breathe.  They are terrible swimmers, instead, their heads just bob along the water's surface and they are carried with the current.


Bubble Kittens are extremely loving and anxious to please.  Their childlike demeanor means they are very easily amused, and fascinated with anything new.  They investigate new objects by placing them in their oversized mouths... and then usually swallowing.  So be careful of any choking hazards.

They have strong guts and can eat anything, even non-edibles (though those still don't give them much nutritional value).  Their strong tummy enzymes make up for their lack of teeth.  They can swallow food whole (in a Kitten's mind: "if it fits, I eats").  Digestion takes a while, so they only need to eat once a day.

You also need to be careful when taking your Kitten out in public.  They are literal airheads: not only for their derpy nature, but their heads act like balloons and cause them to get carried away in strong wind.  They have terrible sense of direction, and won't be able to find their way home.  So you might want to leash your bab in public, or have them micro chipped so you can locate them later through gps (it's a painless procedure).  The only blessing is their squishy, rubber-like bodies.  No matter what obstacles the breeze throws them into, they are well cushioned and unscathed.


Bubble Kittens reproduce by rubbing soul gems with other Bubble Kittens.  This can be done in even same sex pairings or groups.  Then from their combined magic a new soul gem is created.  This soul gem is guarded by the colony while it slowly grows in strength.  Then the new Bubble Kitten is "born" in a flash of light with the soul gem attached to their tummy.


Journal Entry: Fri Oct 20, 2017, 12:22 PM

I'm not supposed to be taking any more commissions, but I haven't been able to get many adopts done yet, so I'm going to open a few slots to help with the bills.

5 Slots: Chubbicons $18 / 1,700 :points:

Chubbicon for Suburgatory by Sarilain Chubbicon for Zakkurro by Sarilain Chubbicon for Zakkurro by Sarilain Chubbicon for Ruki-ki by Sarilain Chubbicon for Sunshineshiny by Sarilain Chubbicon for Starstruckdoodles by Sarilain
  • Your character must be either a 4 legged feral or a pony (I'm only using the basic base)
  • These won't be completed until November, but they are guaranteed to be done before December!  (they won't be late like past commissions, I'm all caught up)

And as usual:

  • No edits
  • No refunds
  • For personal use only

Please note me with this form:

Chubbicon Commission
Character Ref:
Points or Paypal:
Email address (if Paypal):

Thanks so much everyone!!:heart:

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Adoptable Preclaim Bonus!

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 19, 2017, 11:16 AM

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Journal Entry: Tue Oct 17, 2017, 3:29 PM

F2U Bulbasaur Mini Derp by Sarilain F2U Sylveon Mini Derp by Sarilain F2U Bulbasaur Mini Derp by Sarilain

We've almost reached 50k watchers!!!  Looking back, it's hard to believe how far I've come from that lonely night of August 29th, 2013, when I opened commissions and began my deviantART journey.  Never thought I would be able to celebrate this sort of milestone.  Thank you, everyone.T^T

Going to start celebrating a little early with a couple quick giveaways!

Congrats :iconomochie:!!

Thank you everyone else for entering!<3

1 person will win 100 :points:

I will draw the winner using in a week from now!

How to Enter:

:bulletpink: Watchers only!

:bulletpink: Favourite this journal.

That's it! :heart:

Win a Custom Cakie, or a Mini Derp!

Instagram giveaway!  Click the image above for more info!

(Cakies are my closed species of dessert animal puns, and Mini Derps are those little wiggly animations at the top of this journal.)

Batter Bite Cupcake by Sarilain Pandonut Cupcake by Sarilain Mice Cream Cupcake by Sarilain Meowcaron Cupcake by Sarilain

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Patreon is Back!!

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 17, 2017, 9:40 AM

Receive awesome rewards like 1 Day Advance on Adoptables, free line art, and the chance to commission me every month!  I no longer take commissions (aside from the $1 ones, but I'm only doing a couple of those a month at random).  So this is the only way to get guaranteed art from me!

I'm really excited to relaunch it!  I hope I can grow my Patreon and replace the need for taking like 30+ commissions a month just to pay bills.  I never got to experiment much and grow as an artist.  I can be so much more productive and get the ARPG running again!!

I will be posting Patreon rewards previews in the next couple weeks.

Thank you!!  Even if you can't afford Patreon, I super appreciate your support!:heart:

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Art Theft PSA

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 12, 2017, 4:46 AM

I waited to make this Journal trying to solve by myself this issue, but more day passed, more stolen designs I found, I start finding one, and then for now they stole 9 designs and Gardenia, the Blind Lace's companion ;_;
I'm talking about Party Town and their original post about the game Halloween update is this one :
As you see in the preview you cannot find the stolen design, but if you enter and search around you can find in this Halloween update a lot of my designs...
See them here :
Big resolution here : Stolen Designs Big
Party Town is famous to steal designs around, from artists and famous brand like Disney or Pokemon and if they continue this mean no one can stop them, but
Maybe you can help me sharing this Journal and this facebook post :

This just makes my blood boil.  I know how it feels to have your art stolen, watch someone else sit back and not only make money from your hard work, but take credit for your ideas.  Sure people always say "you can sue", but those things take a ton of time and money, things not always expendable for us self employed artists.

I don't promote other's journals often, but this is just disgusting.  Please consider sharing their Facebook post if you can.  Can only hope if enough people are aware, something will be done.

On a more positive note, check out :iconpiffi-sisters:'s art!  If you enjoy mine, you'll definitely like theirs too!  They're one of my favourite deviantARTists.:heart:

[CLOSED] ADOPT SET PRICE 299 - Piffies by Piffi-sisters [CLOSED] ADOPT SET PRICE 293 - Selva Spirits by Piffi-sisters Commissions: Sweetie batch 03 by Piffi-sisters Surprise ME Custom - Shinra-Banshou by Piffi-sisters [CLOSED] ADOPT SET PRICE 248 - BeiBao by Piffi-sisters [CLOSED] ADOPT SET PRICE 227 - Reflections by Piffi-sisters

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[Open!] Cakie Adopts!

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 6, 2017, 4:01 PM

I'm redrawing the Cakie linearts for the ARPG, and I figured it would look nicer to have coloured examples.  So these are simpler versions than usual.  Feel free to add any accessories you like.^^

This journal will be updated with adopts as I get more of the linearts done, so please check back!

Open Cakies:

none atm!

SOLD Cakies

Taiyakitty Cupcake by SarilainTaiyakitty belongs to scarlet.alyssa on Instagram
Meowcaron Cupcake by SarilainMeowcaron $6/500 :points: :iconjadeofdragon:
Octopuff Cupcake by SarilainOctopuff $6/500 :points: :iconbabybunnybun:
Pandonut Cupcake by SarilainPandonut $6/500 :points: :iconcoconcrash:
Tea Rex Cupcake by SarilainTea Rex $6/500 :points: :iconmosac-d:
Eleflan Cupcake by SarilainEleflan $6/500 :points: :iconthelooneycharboa:
Jelly Roller Cupcake by SarilainJelly Roller $6/500 :points: :iconrozeriee:

Alpacake Cupcake by SarilainAlpacake $6/500 :points: :iconroyalraptors:

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The Cakie! ARPG is Coming Back!!

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 3, 2017, 7:33 AM

Since my life fell apart last year, I wasn't able to keep working on the group.  I basically disappeared without warning, but honestly, it was all I could do to maintain my real life.  And I'm sorry to everyone who was waiting for me.  I'm going to be reworking everything for the ARPG and the group, going to really simplify the game elements so I can handle maintaining it this time.

But a lot of people were confused last time, could you all help me by linking people back to this page?

:star::star::star: :iconcakie-and-friends: is NOT active!! :star::star::star:

The group and ARPG are a work in progress!  Some elements like Cakiesonas no longer exist.  Cakie! Coins might be replaced with Cakie! Chimes.  There are many things that don't work right now.

Please don't try to participate or figure out how it works yet.

I can't answer questions about this because I don't have the time, sorry!  Instead, it will all make sense once everything is ready to go.

I will be posting new artwork, journals, accounts to the Cakiedex, and linking stuff everywhere... and it's near impossible for me to write this every time and then have to take it down again when the game is ready.  So these elements might sound like they're ready but they're not.

So if you have the time, please do help redirect people to this page!  Or just tell them it isn't active.

Thank you so much!!

I'm sorry for the confusion.

Bunny Emoji-87 (Thanks) [V5] 

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