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Fluffbit Species Guide

Fluffbits are an official Cakie! species and property of Sarilain :iconcakie-and-friends:
They are a closed species, please read more here: Cakie! FAQs and TOS and here: Closed/MYO Species and Adoptables T.O.S.

About the Fluffbit:

Fluffbits are essentially dust bunnies, but made of cotton candy.  They have no back legs but can move around by hopping with their bodies.  Because their fluff is so light and airy, they can squeeze through any crack, and be squished as thin as paper with no ill effects.  They eat only sweet things like fruit, candy, and dessert.  They are born from the blossoms of the cotton candy tree during spring, and make their way to our world through the dream portals which open at night.  (The world of dreams bridges our world with the land of Cakie!, and the dreams of the pure hearted create a portal to let creatures through at night.)

They typically settle in human homes, and live in dark, secluded places like underneath furniture or inside the walls.  Because of this, they are squinty eyed and almost blind.  They have a curly feeler on top of their head that helps them make sense of their environment.  They love shiny objects and not only collect tiny things dropped by humans, but they will sometimes chew buttons off a shirt or steal someone's sock.  These items are then used inside their secret hiding places to build themselves a home.  A Fluffbit's house is its pride and joy, and they will spend countless hours daily cleaning and reorganizing things.  This is why Fluffbits are very trainable and can help their human owners tend to their homes or gardens.

Minibits are a subspecies of Fluffbit, and a third the size of their predecessors.  They are the result of too much excess Fluffbit fluff, the little puffs of dust Fluffbits shed everywhere they go.  Minibits are by nature a parasite, but they are often kept as pets by Fluffbits.

Read more about Minibits here: Minibit Species Guide by Sarilain

Don't know what an adoptable is? Read about them here!

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Jordanlovesdogs's avatar

are they still open?

GravityUwU's avatar

Hello, i made a fluffbit without realizing they were a closed species qwq i was hoping I’d be lucky enough to keep it instead of discarding it

they have the common standing-up ears and extra fluff on the butt for a tail

Starry-Storm's avatar
Is there a MYO Shop?
NeapolitanCafe's avatar
are all tails uncommon? or do some fall under common?
ChocolateMilkDrawer's avatar
Can i draw my own!? Theyre really cute and fluffy and >w< i want onee!
Plumturtle7's avatar
are you free to make your own fluffbit? i really want one!
AkkumiKitty's avatar
Is it ppssible if you could hold a spot for me? I plan on purchasing two Flufferbits and a Minibit but i won't be able to have any points till next week TnT
Sarilain's avatar
No, I'm sorry!!

There will be a DTM (draw to make-your-own) starting tomorrow though.<3
AkkumiKitty's avatar
Aww okay xC well i wouldn't mind the next event i suppose c:
NikLiLes's avatar
Question... Are Fluffbits and Minibits really just 3 inches and 1 inch? I'm struggling with drawing it in proportion to my chibis....
Sarilain's avatar
Yep! I wouldn't worry about exactness, just make them fit in a hand, like hamster size. They're just tiny dust bunnies.
NikLiLes's avatar
Ahh okay. (^3^) That might make it a bit easier.
Also.. Not to rush you guys, but I was wondering why none of the group mods has replied to my MYO approval note yet.... ( ; v ; )
Sarilain's avatar
I'm the only one running the group. I've been out of town and don't have internet. Plus this is my business and I usually have a lot going on.
NikLiLes's avatar
Ahh okay. I totally understand. No worries! //hugs// Would you like some help in modding the group?
RitoruWorlds's avatar
I have two questions

Can a fluffbit have one ear up and one ear down?
Can I use this as a reference, I wont trace it I just want it so I can best capture its design, I don't think id be able to draw it so fluffy and cute without a reference
Also mine is gonna be slighlty smaller then the norm because I like doing that  hope you dont mind
Sarilain's avatar
Ears: sure!

That's fine.^^
RitoruWorlds's avatar
oinka's avatar
do you have tips on how to create a species? when i try, it never turns out nice enough for me to have the patience to draw different kinds of it like 5000000 times. :(
Sarilain's avatar
Dawww I should I make a tips journal sometime.  All I can tell you is to keep at it, mine weren't the best when I started either!
oinka's avatar
Well, you make them all nice and cute, but all I can draw is overweight bunnies. ;u;
Sarilain's avatar
LOL chubby bunnies are so cute tho.x3
ChinchicoAtsuki's avatar
Ho i like them so much ! They’re cutes!!
Sarilain's avatar
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