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if u upsetti hav sum spegetti
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Sariasong64's Trading/reselling design hub
I thought It was about time to make this. Also was requested by a few friends of mine~ <3 This is here to help people get approval to sell/trade designs, find my designs and or sell my designs!! I hope it makes things easier for y'all~ * Rules *Please make sure you follow my TOS (They may get a small update on the stash journal, but the journal and rules wont change) If you wish to get a design approved for resale/trade you can note me! We can discuss pricing if your unsure (if you bought extra art or don't remember how much you paid) And I'll approve you~ If a character is sold or traded privately, please reply to your comment or
My recent activity? Where you can find me!
Hey guys! So I can assure you, I am still on Devinatart, most of my business is done here, and I check my messages a few times every hour <3 So I am not leaving, but My art hasn't been posted here much (I am hoping to change that come October but who knows). I am still drawing of course, that's my passion <3 My recent work has been being posted on my Patreon, My discord server and My twitter!! I know I am on a lot of sites, but if you wish to keep up with art I don't post on here as soon or at all, please consider supporting my Patreon or join my discord!! <3 Here is my discord link, please make sure to introduce yourself, and f
Terms of service update. Banned users
I'm not kidding around anymore and hiding , Please follow my terms of service. I updated it with the Banned user list after A banned user broke my TOS AGAIN. And in result got another person banned. Please do not send hate towards anyone on my banned user list,  I'd prefer to just keep them up so other users know who not to sell to anymore.


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pink heart {big} by DiegoVainilla Welcome to my Page!  pink heart {big} by DiegoVainilla 

If you wish you contact me, please reply to this comment or note me!
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hi!! i noticed you added a design of mine into your dream cs folder!! i don't really use em much, and i thought that you might want to own them? i'd be down to discuss a character trade in notes if you want!! 
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sariasong64Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh sure! What design is it? And what are you looking for?
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sent you a note!! <3 
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veri119Hobbyist General Artist
Happy (late) birthday :D :hug: :heart:
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sariasong64Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you Veri <3
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1st happy birthday

2nd may it be wonderful