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Crossover: TLMHetalia

By Saria29
Fem!Alfred and Fem!Ivan as Ariel and Ursula. :P This resulted from a conversation with :icondrugpuppey:

I actually started this a while ago, and it was more disneyish then, but I decided to imitate the style of Hetalia a little to hopefully make the characters more recognizable. Besides, I've been watching JesuOtaku's reviews lately, so I was in an anime-mood. I'm a bit rusty at drawing in an anime-esque style, but it turned out okay, I guess.

Coloring it properly proved somewhat troublesome, so have a gradient isntead. :)
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I love APH & "The Little Mermaid" :)
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HAHAHAHA! I totally remember this! xD
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It was time I finished it already, huh? :D
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I wanted to be in your place, I can't draw anything different besides animu style xD
Waah, I love the idea of Ursula!FemIvan xD I'll probably skecth something later (although Himaruya posted chibi versions of updated Nyotalia, I think Fem!Ivan would be a little bit more fleshy than the other females, just like her male counterpart \o/)
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Well, it did help that I was sorta watching TLM while drawing. x3

Lol, FemIvan as Ursula seems so perfect, even though they are pretty different people. I'm sure she would love to have tentacles (er, I don't mean for a pervy reason xD; ).
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