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Lara Croft jump

Back to action:D This is inspired by the Tomb Raider Legend render pic:) I know this should have been taken from the side more, but I did the jump from memory so I'm happy how it turned out.

Photographer: my bro

The outfit was inspired by Lara Croft's in Tomb Raider Legend :3
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Jul 16, 2011, 5:50:08 PM
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GabrielCerbero's avatar
Looking at some of your pics makes me feel as if I was playing the games again XD
Great work and  great photographer
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Thank you so much :D
MagicOfSnow's avatar
Here's my manipulation of your photo Sari. Thanks for letting me use it!
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Thanks for the edit :3
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a real beautiful cosplay and composition in action :) and you're so cute :)
sempaisama's avatar
you're welcome, this is a pleasure to see your works :)
DTurn124's avatar
Your actions shots awesome! It's nice to see a cosplayer that does more than just stand there and "pose."
mehdianim's avatar
Great Pose, nice catch ! Props to you and your model ! :D
I don't think from the side would have been an improvement necessarily.
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wow ... this Action :love:
CreativeExistence's avatar
Do you mind if I use this to practice figures?
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Go ahead :3 could credit maybe :)
CreativeExistence's avatar
Yup of course, haven't started it yet because I am working on something else at the moment
MagicOfSnow's avatar
Woo! What a shot. Sometimes it's 'sis' taking the action pics, sometimes it's 'bro'. All I can say is, three cheers for Team Ruoskanen! I love this leap and pose, and you look fabulous sailing through the air with that lovely loose hair streaming behind. Very cute outfit too, just perfect for you. I don't know the render this shot was inspired by, but I'm glad you didn't have it taken from the side more, as you seem to've wished. I think this is pretty much the perfect angle, dramatic and showing your face. You could've lost a lot of the impact if this had been more of a side shot. I just don't know how you got up there though. Are you spring-loaded or something? Have you been taking tips from your jumpy gerbils? Or has your sis just fired you from a cannon? Yeah that must be it, you've got a portable Sari-launcher, am I right?
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Awwwwww thanks so much!!!! :D :aww: Well I guess I had some nice strength in my legs already then :D I do remember jumping very high, and of course the angle has its effect as my brother was more crouched. Sari-launcher :D
Damien-the-Ogre's avatar
An absolutely perfect Lara jump shot, right down to the expressionless face! lol Great picture, love the dynamism you put into your cosplay. :D
DorianOrendain's avatar
Awesome photo and wow... you're beautiful.
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