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The Ultimate Pokemon Cladogram

I have seen a few cladograms like this before but they typically miss out Pokemon or are based on phenetics (ie. appearance) instead of phylogeny. I spent several months on this to create a complete cladogram that also incorporates the taxonomy of the Pokemon. This is the third or fourth time I have had to upload this because DeviantArt kept having problems with the file, but it should be set now. It has all Pokemon as of generation 6.

Astericks (*) denote taxa that I had to create in order to categorise the more unique Pokemon. An explanations on how these names were created can be found here.

Background by arkeis-pokemon.

Due to the inability of some people to view the full-size cladogram, I have broken it into five smaller pieces.
Piece 1: non-life
Piece 2: life (excluding tetrapods)
Piece 3: tetrapods (excluding birds and mammals)
Piece 4: birds
Piece 5: mammals
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Very cool, tho I want to say Dinocarid are stem-arthropods not true ones.

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Looks good! I do have a few notes, though.

-Sudowoodo should probably be classified among the other rock-based Pokemon. I know it looks like a tree, but the fact that it isn't actually one is kind of the whole point of its existence. Thus, it kind of ignores the entire point of Sudowoodo to count it as a tree.

-Shuckle is a bug-type and doesn't really have anything in common with a turtle. If anything, it's more like a scale insect. This one is a lot more subjective though, since no one really knows what Shuckle is supposed to be. Personally, though, I wouldn't have classified it as a reptile.

-I gotta repeat Mixiation's thing about Poochyena and Mightyena. I know they're kind of wolf-like, but they're designed after hyenas.

-Lickitung and Lickilicky strike me more as amphibians or possibly skinks than anteaters. Aside from their tongues, they don't have many anteater traits. They don't even have the sharp claws or snouts anteaters have.

Other than that, I can't really think of anything major than stuck out to me (other than maybe the Abra line being classified as hominids). Great cladogram! Definitely the most in-depth one I've seen!
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I did put the Abra line in the hominids.
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What I meant is that I probably wouldn't have classified them as foxes.
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I didn't classify them as foxes. They're in Hominidae... that's apes, not foxes...the Abra line is nowhere near foxes.
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Sorry, apparently I can't type to save my life! What I meant to say is that I would not have classified the Abra line as apes. I don't really see why you did that (one red flag is the presence of tails in Abra and Kadabra). I don't see any similarities to hominids other than "they're kind of bipedal".
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Well your comments make a lot more sense now!

The majority of Pokemon were classified based on their final evolution. The only times I deviated from this were when there were serious conflicts between two or more final evolutions that had very different biologies (like Froslass and Glalie). So I would have based the Abra line's classification off Alakazam.

Looking at Bulbapedia, Alakazam's biology is described as humanoid with a moustache, trivia describes them as the height of a human, physical origin is based off a magician (hence the spoons), and the name origin (particularly the Japanese name) is based off Houdini. I can only assume that I classified them as apes (remember I made this a while ago, so I don't remember most of the logic behind what I did) due to Alakazam's etiology of a humanoid magician.

Though, because they are not entirely ape-like, that would be why I created the subfamily Pseudohominae. I put the humanoids in that group to distinguish them from actual apes (like the Pokemon based off gorillas, chimps, and orangutans) and to distinguish them from actual humans. So I have Alakazam, Mr. Mime, Jynx, Bisharp, Medicham, Throh/Sawk, and the Hitmon line in there. They're not based specifically off apes, but they're still intended to be humanoid, so they have their own group of pseudo-humanoids (Pseudohominae). Further into that, I made the genus Pseudohomo, which I am pretty sure I made to represent the humanoid Pokemon who were specifically based off human entertainers, i.e. Alakazam is a magician, Jynx is a singer, and Mr. Mime is a clown.

So that would be my logic behind why the Abra line is in with apes and not foxes. Abra may be more based on goats and foxes, but Alakazam is based heavily on a humanoid biology and origin.
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While I still personally wouldn't have done it that way, I can definitely see why you did :)
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I can't zoom in or download it without destroying my RAM.
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Sorry! Not surprised, though. Even just making it caused a few computer crashes, and trying to upload it here was nightmarish. It is compressed as far as possible. If you have any ideas on how to make it more user-friendly, I'm open to suggestions. ^^;
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My suggestion? Break. It. Down.

Upload a Cladogram for each separate group/segment/section. It'd be smaller and easier to render.
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Wonderfully done! I've looked at a few pokemon cladograms and this is by far the best! Fantastic job!
I only have one point of discussion wich is the placement of Poochyena and Mightyena, If the are indeed based on hyenas then they do acctually belong closer to the felinae rather than canis as hyenas belong feliforma in their own family of hyenidae. Perhaps this is an active choice though to place Mightyena among the canines based on appearance and behavior?
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I looked at my notes and had put them down as wolves. I remember reading that they were supposed to be hyenas but choosing to go with wolves instead. I don't remember why I chose to diverge from hyenas, but there were quite a few Pokemon I placed as different to what they were based on because they so resembled something else. Like I placed Suicine as a jackal because its body structure is much more appropriate to that than to a leopard.
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The file is WAY too big. It would not open correctly at full size.
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holy frig that is SO epic
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