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[foxfan] a dream is a wish by Sarenidy [foxfan] a dream is a wish by Sarenidy

MS Paint. Logitech Mouse. About 3 hours.

When I created Belle, it was my wish to design a Foxfan that would always remind me of the people and things I love that bring me peace.
So now, whenever I am feeling stressed out or overwhelmed, Belle calms me down. Drawing her is like a form of meditation for me.

It took me several tries to design a Foxfan that represented me in the way I wanted to be represented and now I have a character that I adore and want to share with the community. 
I've always found the creation process for MYO Foxfans to be cute and unique in it's own way, and depicting Bellamy's original handfan with the gold MYO coin attached was something I've been inspired to do since she was approved.

Please do not use, trace or edit this artwork.
This is for my own personal use and no one should re-upload it or use it.
Thank you for understanding.

Foxfans are a closed species created by Belliko-art

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March 21, 2017
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