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Demon Typewriter

The typewriter was the funnest part to draw!

I have no idea where I come up with crap...but thank god, I only draw the milder stuff out =P

Lilith(left), April(center), Taz(right) (c) of me.
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............and then the typewriter started to FIRE ITS LAZER BEAM! BLEARGGHH!
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Looks like Satan is a little behind on today's technology.
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:D nice funny and creative as always.. :w00t:
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Nice one! the graphics remind me of a really old video game, but that gives it charm. (did I just say charm? how demeaning)
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its and excelent question isnt it...

like your style alot...
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Ha ha - you are one strange little mind ;p
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wooowwwww! :trophy: for the worlds biggest waste of time
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*sniff* I'd like to thank my parents, and my snake, and all of those who kept me down. Oh how I hate you all so much! (Beauty pagent wave)
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WTF is a typewriter?
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It's a ...........uhhhhhh..............................

I think it's something you floss least, that's what I use it for.
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oh! well i don't floss so that would explain why i don't know what it is
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hehe evil typewriter...does anybody even use typewriters anymore?
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Thehe, I really like that one! ^^

:+fav: !!

The fire effects look great, btw!
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Thank you!

I ate a llama ^^
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I.. uhm... hope.. it tasted well...
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Now I'm eating a lightbulb ^^
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Well, now I'll probably die in the next couple of ours. But I just didn't find a more confusing answer ;)
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Hugs burn my skin :fear:
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They burn your skin!? Aaaah, I'm so sorry! I didn't want that! :hug:

Argh!!! I did it again, sorry!!
I don't want to hurt you! :hug:


..uhm... I... just...go now... *runs*
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(twitches on the ground in intense pain)

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oooh it bleeds ! it was a very funny story :)
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