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MerMay 2019 - Glow


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on an autumn day


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Water Tribe 5 0218

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Dangerous Sea Creatures


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Darkly Dawns the Duck Tribute - revisited

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Cliff ahead buddo

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Escape from the Unknown

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Comm: So This is Love

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Drawtober Day 1 Vincent Price

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Drawtober Day 12 AVGN

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Palette Challenge #18 - Jacob Two-Two

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Two Brains

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C'mon Harry...

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MerMay 2019 - Glow


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freshly snowed

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Martha Speaks: Cinema Canines

Martha: * hiding* Pssst! *whispers* Hi, there. It's me, Martha.  But I don't want anyone to know I'm here. That's sort of what today's episode is about. Listen for today's words like "Identity", "Disguise", "Undetected" and "Conspicuous".  Keep your ears open for them, and I'll see you after the show. -------------------------------------------- One Thursday morning started off with Martha still sleeping on her chair.  At this time, Martha was aware that it was morning, but she was still dozing off because her brain and body were not quite ready to wake up yet. Well, there was one part of her body that was ready, and that was her stomach.  

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Autumn Expanse

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Lady Honoria Lyndon

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Zelda - Cross Stitch

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James Dean doll repaint / restyle with added hair

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Squat and crouch #003 (pose reference)

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Birthday Wishlist

Holy crap September 15th I am 24 hooooo one year away from a quarter century old! I have never done this before and saw it everywhere for years and felt “why not” so i am just going to keep this wish list simple. Anything from my favorite fandoms and any of my OCs will put a smile on my face. Hell just a simple Happy Birthday will suffice I find just remembering is more than gift art at times. However I will not discourage anyone who wants to do art for the hell of it, in the end it is what you all wanna do :3. As for my wish list: -HEILLOS OCS: -BAILEY OCS: -OTHER OCS: (ignore the ones that are for sale x3) -My main fandoms are The Nightmare Before


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